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Santiago Solari's message after defeating Necaxa

Santiago Solari’s message after defeating Necaxa

the American Eagles Added the first victory in local mode and in Inaugural Championship 2021 From MX . League, by imposing himself on neaxa rays On the second day of the match.

In a video press conference at the end of the match, coach Santiago Solari He highlighted the performance of some of his players and confirmed that they are on their way to being a strong team in the tournament.

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He declared: “In the way of growth, every game faces its difficulties, we have to be strong and score points. We are pleased with the performance of Jimenez, Fidalgo and Reyes. Karel Campos who entered very well.”

Regarding the sharing of blue cream elements with mexican national team At the Olympics, the Argentine strategist said he hoped these players would return with the conquest on his neck.

“They are not in the old continent, they are in Japan. I hope they will come back soon with the gold. They scored 4 goals between Cordova and Henry and we will watch the broadcast in those times ‘relaxing’ to us,” he explained.

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