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Sancti Spíritus without fuel for private owners

Cuba’s energy crisis, especially with fuel shortages, continues to affect all areas of daily life. The provinces “reach the bottom”, due to the domino effect, regarding the unavailability of oil and its derivatives.The central province of Sancti Spiritus, for example, was one of the last to announce that it no longer had fuel to sell to private owners. The local government executive director, Camilo Pérez, commented to Escambray about the situation they are currently facing.

“The current restriction that exists did not allow us to release part of the population. Until the previous week we had three days when there was no petrol for any activity in the economy.”

“After fuel shortages in the country, Sancti Spíritus measures to protect vital services for the population have been activated. The official warned that “the entry of fuel into the region is less and does not support all economic moves.”

Fuel today: only for vital services

City streets in central Cuba show a noticeable emptiness in their veins due to the lack of vehicular traffic. At peak times, even slight movement of some electric motorcycles can be seen, as well as bicycles and animal-drawn cars.

Camilo Pérez also commented that vital services are only guaranteed fuel for everyday, static tasks. In this case, there are ambulances, hearing aids, water supply for the population, and transportation for passengers. Likewise, the distribution of agricultural products, meat and dairy products, flour for bread and basic basket products is protected.

For the same reasons, today there is a decrease in travel and an impact on people’s mobility. The reason is not because of the physical fuel in the service centers, but because of the assignment to the transportation sector for its activities.

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