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Former UPEC president in Matanzas recounts giving up his post

the former president of Union of Cuban Journalists (UPEC) in Matanzas, Yemara Torres HernandezHe recounted the desertion in which government institutions had left her since she left office.

After 15 years of dedication to the work of UPEC as organizer, vice president and Head for sevenI feel that I am no longer considered a member of UPEC. It’s sad, isn’t it? Perhaps they will never let me into that house on Rio Street whose capitalist reform I have driven into very difficult times, both materially and personally. The journalist said on Thursday in an expanded text in the language Facebook.

Facebook capture / Yirmara Torres Hernández

In her story, titled “Organizational Amnesia,” the former official, who left office about two months ago, feels abandoned by government after many years devoted to her work.

Facebook capture / Yirmara Torres Hernández

He pointed to many stories of journalists who have been forgotten even in their workplaces after having worked there for more than 40 years and when they should be treated with respect.

Among the cases of neglect and “amnesia”, her late husband Fidel Roche “had managed 26 years in the BFI (International Financial Bank), and when he fell ill he was worthless”; that his father, “an exemplary CIMEX worker of 25 years, who also left disgusted.”

He also referred to what happened with former University of Matanzas president Miguel Sarraf, “who unfortunately moved away from the position he led for many years with such professionalism.”

“It is sad that those who gave their lives for a place are not recognized, considered or revered. At least, from time to time they are remembered or considered,” he said.

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Although Yermara Torres claims that she is ready for this censorship, she confirms that reality exceeds expectations and I regret the occurrence of these cases, “precisely in a society that claims to defend the human being”, because of organizational and social values, “human values”, they have lost.

The former president of UPEC announced her resignation on the networks in February in a farewell message, where she emphasized that it was a deliberate, discussed and co-operated decision with her colleagues.

And he had confirmed in January that “the homeland is in danger.” The Cuban people “give no more” and that everyone wants to leave of the country, including the elderly.

Torres Hernandez then asked the state media for looking “the other way” as if nothing was happening, and stressed that those who emigrate “never cease to be patriots”.