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Samsung apologizes for the slowdown in the performance of the Galaxy S22

Samsung apologizes for the slowdown in the performance of the Galaxy S22

The controversy is over to set what or what Samsung Applicable to the performance of its smartphones including the new Galaxy S22Keep giving what you’re talking about. thing is jung hye hanCEO of the mobile division of the South Korean company, We apologize to the users affected by this situation.

as posted ZDNetThe director referred to the incident during the annual meeting with shareholders held on Wednesday. At the same time, the Samsung reference admitted that the company She did not give the link that matches the interests of her clients in this matterI apologize for that.

But besides trying to show that the company wasn’t acting in bad faith in the matter, Jong-Hee Han also took the opportunity to offer some clarification on what happened to the performance limitations of the Galaxy S22 and the company’s other devices. Something logical, especially since the scandal reached such a scale in South Korea It is already under investigation by the FTCthat country’s fair trade commission.

What this body is seeking to determine is whether Samsung has promised more than the Galaxy S22 can truly deliver, and whether that is a violation of fair naming and advertising laws.

The CEO of the South Korean company admitted that the inconvenience arose from the implementation of Sudan governmentor Game improvement service. This is a tool that the company includes on its mobile devices, but users cannot manually uninstall or disable it. According to Han, its purpose was to improve the use of resources on their smartphones when playing games; He also stated that CPU and GPU limitations are applied to the extent that they do not affect performance during a match.

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