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Russia imposes sanctions on Biden and Trudeau

Russia imposes sanctions on Biden and Trudeau

Government of Russia The imposition was announced Tuesday Obstacles Against the US President, Joe BidenAnd Secretary of State Anthony Blingen and the Prime Minister of Canada. Justin TrudeauAccording to a statement issued by the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Answer Obstacles Imposed by the United States during the invasion of Ukraine, the Russian government announced this Tuesday, today Tuesday, March 15, it applies. Obstacles Against Biden and Blinken, except for the US Secretary of Defense and various heads of US government agencies.

“In response to a series Obstacles Without precedent, among other things, prohibits senior Russian officials from entering the United States, the president said Joe BidenForeign Secretary Anthony Blingen, Secretary of Defense Austin and President of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Milli, as well as several heads of various agencies and well-known American figures have been mutually added to Russia’s ‘exclusion list’. March 15 this year, “said a statement from the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The Obstacles Both Biden and members of his government have been barred from entering Russian territory, and have been added to the “block list”, although the Foreign Ministry said in a statement. Russia He did not refuse to maintain “official contacts” with the victims, according to local Russian agencies.

“We will not refuse to maintain official contacts if it meets our national interests, and we will deal with issues arising out of the status of persons on the blacklist and, if necessary, organize summit-level contacts,” the State Department said in a statement. Affairs Russia.

The Obstacles Will affect at least 13 members of the US government.

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The Russian Foreign Ministry has also announced Obstacles Against the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin TrudeauAnd members of the Canadian Parliament.

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