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'The happiest man in the world': Living from a Cuban voyage to a ship

‘The happiest man in the world’: Living from a Cuban voyage to a ship

Mario Salceto, Cuban MiamiIt announces “The happiest man in the world. He has been sailing at sea for over 20 years and he is not a sailor or ship captain. Ideally, he decided to move away from the land and live in the high seas different from other humans: From travel to shipping.

His story was made famous by a journalist New York Times Recorder of a documentary describing Salceto Life on the ship The dizziness of the seasOne of the Royal Caribbean cruise shipsThis Monday the Spanish newspaper picks up Confidential.

“People come here to spend the holidays, not me, I came here to live my life. Living on a cruise ship is basically an escape from reality.: Leaving the world you know, I no longer want to be a part of that world. I want to create my own world, my own reality, “says Salcedo, proud of the decision he made two decades ago.

“Super Mario”, as he is affectionately called on cruise ships, says that living like this saves himself from the troubles of living on land: “I have no mortgage, I do not have to remove the garbage, I do not have to clean, I have all the time in the world to do what I have to do.”.

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Salceto worked in the financial world all his life, which provided him with an important financial mattress. Seeing that his life was reduced to work and work, in 1997 he decided to break away from the frantic crowd and start a ship for the first time. He loved the experience and after two years he left everything to start a journey without returning to the land..

To those who ask him to leave friends and family and live alone, he replies: “If I wanted to make a living on land, I would be. If I had children and family, I would not be here.” Note that you are not isolated. He recognizes as his family the crew members of the various ships he sails and the tourists he knows from all over the world. In each of these boats. “My family is here”Says proudly.

Mario Salceto is clear that he will not land and will spend his last days at sea. In the meantime, browse the cruise liner, relax with your favorite whiskey, enjoy night shows and watch what’s happening in the world on TV and the Internet. A vision of distant reality, ends Confidential.