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Rural medicine in Europe: the German model

Rural medicine in Europe: the German model

the Shortage of family doctors It is not a fundamental problem in Spain only. Our neighboring countries are also facing this situation and are therefore looking for ways to alleviate this shortage of doctors. Germany is one of the countries that have implemented measures to increase the number of professionals of this kind. Although they commented from the Department of Health that “per se” there is no shortage of family physicians nationally, in rural areas it is evident.

“For us, it is important not only to enhance the provision of services of public interest, but also to ensure good living conditions everywhere, so that Attractive to young doctors They also work in areas with worse services,” they explain from the department to medical writing.

To avoid a shortage of family doctors in these less populated areas, in Germany they approved a “Rural doctors share”. What this procedure achieves is that each territory of the state allocates up to 10 per cent of medicine places for people who have not completed their final degreeIf, after completing their training, they commit to working for at least 10 years as family physicians in rural areas. They explained from the German Ministry of Health that “eleven out of 17 German federal states have already decided to set this quota.”

Early share of rural areas

From the section they explain in detail that the places that are part of this system are designated with an extension Advance quota outside the usual process of selecting medical venues, “because other selection criteria are decisive for their appointment.” It is important to note that each province regulates the selection process and, accordingly, the selection criteria for applicants to the Rural Doctors’ Quota.

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In general, the average score is less conclusive for admission, but other criteria are taken into account, such as a score Organizational Aptitude Test To study a specific subject, to adopt full training in a health profession and to practice it, or to volunteer or selection interviews,” points out Health.

To get to these places, the average score is ‘less conclusive’

In addition to this program, Germany has taken more measures to attract young people to family and community health care, than the country they are preparing for. Measures to “strengthen family studies in medicine”. “These measures can only be implemented by amending the authorization regulations, and the ministry is already discussing them with the United States,” they said from the ministerial portfolio.

Likewise, they commented from the health that their executives fund a project called “RegioMed” where they develop and reside, together with the University of Leipzig. Virtual information platform across Germany On current training possibilities and support measures for medical students in rural areas.

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