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Roxana Soriano, the new President of the Court of Accounts

Roxana Soriano, the new President of the Court of Accounts

Opposition MPs question the process carried out by the official party and the lack of independence of the applicants for the leadership of the supervisory body

On the proposal of Nuevas Idias, Roxana Celdonia Soriano was elected President of the Court of Accounts of the Republic (CCR) for the next three years, with 66 votes from Nuevas Idias, GANA, PCN, PDC and ex-deputies.

In the August 23 plenary session, the head of the Ideas Nuevas faction, Cristian Guevara, proposed Roxana Seldonia Soriano for president, Julio Guillermo Benedick of Panama as first judge, and José Rodrigo Flores Ramos as second judge.

From the list of 33 applicants interviewed by the Political Committee of the Legislative Assembly, Nuevas Ideas proposed to fill the position of chief judge of the supervisory body that participated as a pre-candidate for the deputy position of Nuevas Ideas in 2020 and was appointed that year. As a delegate of the Institute for Access to Public Information (IAIP).

The proposals were supported by the Grand Alliance for National Unity (GANA), the Christian Democratic Party (PDC), and the Party of National Accord (PCN).

Nuevas Ideas and its allies have elected the new judges of the Court of Accounts of the Republic. Human rights photos

Doubt of independence

Hours before the elections, deputies from opposition parties announced that they would refrain from participating in the selection, considering that the process that takes place does not take into account guarantees of independence for the ruling party.

And he added: «Apart from the interviews that have become public and that we all followed, there is work that is not being done, and even fails to adhere to previous jurisprudence, and in my opinion, here we have moved from a scheme to the distribution of party stakes to One-time fee scheme.

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Cesar Reyes, of the National Republican Alliance (Arena), said they would abstain from participating. “Although it is true that some formal requirements are available, the essential is the objective requirements. The commitment that the head of the Court of Auditors must have must be a commitment to combating corruption, wherever it comes from, and it must be independent.” ,” He said.