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In Chihuahua there is no money for air conditioning in public schools, but there is money for advertising

In Chihuahua there is no money for air conditioning in public schools, but there is money for advertising

Chihuahua, the state governed by María Eugenia Campos. (service providers)

In Chihuahua, schools were banned from using air conditioning. The argument is economic: the state government says a lot of electricity is being spent. In a message you posted butYou can read Maria Eugenia’s government order Maru Campos, which stipulates that schools wishing to use air conditioning must pay their own account for it, Because there will be no public resources available to meet these demands, despite the high temperatures that continue in this state.

The document, signed by Aurora Solis Melendez, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Planning and Administration, dated August 22, sets out the guidelines that public schools must follow:

“(Please note) Basic education schools that have meters within the central accounts are not allowed to install small splits, because this leads to excessive consumption of electrical energy, as well as changing substations, re-extending or increasing metering wires.” In the same way, the Undersecretary reminds that schools that ignore them will lose their place in the “list of central accounts.” That is, you must cover the expenses by your own means.

The situation becomes critical when the Chihuahua’s extreme temperatures are taken into consideration: Last week, the temperature was below 30 degrees in just one day. As the memo indicates, last month this entity reached temperatures of more than 40 degrees during the third wave of national heat. The problem is already great in itself: the minimum conditions that enable them to study adequately cannot be guaranteed to children and adolescents, and ifAbove all, to avoid heatstroke – as well as bearing in mind that the sense of suffocation in the classroom may be greater due to the lack of space.

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But there is an aspect that makes it even more disturbing and outrageous. They say there is no money, but there are other “needs”. For example, the 345 million pesos that the state government spent last year, according to Zona Free, on official advertising. It seems that enhancing the image of the governor is more important than providing decent conditions for students to study. And This government is also more interested in getting into textbook quarrels.

Yes, the discussion is very broad and covers the whole country. But it was she who decided to take the case to the High Court of Justice, and in fact managed to stop the distribution of textbooks. The problem, one of many, was that he had no Plan B. Therefore, his idea was to ask the community to donate books with which they can provide the waqf, which will be distributed by the Ministry of Public Education outside the scope of the obligation.

It is clear that Campos’ actions have less to do with the public interest than with an excessive tendency to spotlight. How do you explain, then, that there is enough money to promote your image but not to cater to the students? With this indifference he intends to make a bigger name in Mexican politics. Money is important when it pleases her, not when it has to go to someone who needs it. It is important to get into the arena with federal power, but without offering students real solutions. This is María Eugenia Campos’ way of doing politics, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to change.

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