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Journalist Sir Contreras spoke out after he was dismissed from Globovisión for his debate with Vice Chavista: “He tried to fool my intelligence”

Journalist Sir Contreras spoke out after he was dismissed from Globovisión for his debate with Vice Chavista: “He tried to fool my intelligence”

Journalist Sir Contreras spoke out after he was fired from Globovisión

journalist Sir ContrerasWho starred on Tuesday in a heated debate with the official deputy Ramon Magellan during the TV show first page to world visionspeak after him the chapter from the reference.

In an interview with afternoon to NTN24He recounted his feelings after a video clip of him speaking with the Chavista politician and the subsequent decision spread to the channel he was working for.

“I think being very connected to the reality of the country, to what we Venezuelans live, Somehow it drives me crazy That the deputy tried to connect me to specific political groups,” the caller indicated when asked about the reason for his reaction.

Globovisión fired a journalist after he interviewed a Chavista congressman

He continued:He had tried to circumvent my intelligence or my personal standards, and it seemed to me that I should define my position on this subject. One is linked to reality, unlike politicians, who think things are good when they are not. One listens to people, one receives complaints and complaints.”

Then he stated that Chavismo “He doesn’t like embarrassing questions“emphasize that”Know what the risks are“Somehow, maybe deep down, I was already prepared for it to happen,” he asserted.

The broadcaster indicated that he was notified of his dismissal after receiving a call: “They told me that on the instructions of the management, I have left the company and will not attend the program today“.

“What happened does not make me a national hero, I am just a worker. I am calm, confident and at peace.”

Pro-government MP Ramon Magallanes in a full debate with journalist Sir Contreras

Venezuelan TV channel world vision Expulsion of the journalist Sir Contreraswho starred in a heated debate with the pro-government MP Ramon Magellan.

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Fellow journalist Sir Contreras is a journalist from world vision, He was kicked out of the TV channel After the controversial interview with Representative Ramon Magallanes. The company pursues a censorship policy against the professional ethics of journalismAnd she denounced National College of Journalists (CNP) on Twitter.

The controversy arose between Contreras and the Chavista politician after Magallanes, to evade questions, She accused the caller of “ignoring reality”. Venezuela and involvement with opposition parties.

The National College of Journalists refused to fire the Globovision host
The National College of Journalists refused to fire the Globovision host

In view of this, The journalist pointed to the incompetence of Nicolás Maduro’s regime in respect of services and wages; He said that he directed these criticisms because of what he personally lives like any citizen.

“Even though you have green eyes and people think you’re a millionaire when you work on TV, I am from the people’s sector of the municipality of Torbes, in the state of Táchira. The journalist said: “What I say is a personal matter, and it is irrelevant, but since it touches the topic, I do not say that I am Severino from East Caracas.”

He continued:My sister was a police officer, and she had to go to Cucuta to babysit Because the salary is not enough. My other sister is a doctor and works in an outpatient clinic that has no resources.. I know the streets of the country.”

The politician said that the sisters of the presenter were able to study and graduated.in revolutionand they went toban“.

In front of that, the caller confirmed: “You should be more concerned that it was during the revolution and the results were that they had to leave their professions. Do not tell me to go to societies. This is something I do every day. And I carry water there in Los Choros, the municipality of Sucre, which by the way is governed by Chavista and there is no water, other difficulties. Here we can go on all day. So don’t say I don’t know reality. Just because a person appears on television does not mean that they do not know reality.

This is how Globovisión’s journalist’s dismissal was handled

I go to my house and the water does not come out, and this is done in the revolutionThe journalist stressed.

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You have to provide evidencedeputy replied; As the journalist pointed out,Just go places to see how it is. Reality outshines even television, what can we say“.

“The main mistake made by the political leaders who discuss social issues in this program is that they think that once a person makes criticisms that correspond to reality, then he is already a fighter in the opposition parties. This is not like that. To associate me with a political organization is wrong. the meaning.

Social media users were surprised to note that Contreras did not appear on this Wednesday’s edition of the programme.

Our commitment has always been to be on the side of the audienceThe words of the dismissed fellow journalist were limited to saying.

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