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Rosalía appears in a revenge dress and sends hints with Rauw Alejandro at the Latin Grammy Awards

Rosalía appears in a revenge dress and sends hints with Rauw Alejandro at the Latin Grammy Awards

Latin Grammy Awards 2023: Rosalía opened the awards ceremony in Seville (Cristina Koekler/AFP) (Christina Koeckler via Getty Images)

The 2023 Latin Grammy Awards have been an explosion of emotions since the artists started walking the red carpet in Seville. The music spoke as if with power, but never more powerfully than in the opening number by Spanish star Rosalía.

Shakira was also moved and the message she wanted to say beyond her songs was completely understood. However, there was no stronger reaction than the one that Rao Alejandro gave to his ex. Hints came and went at the FIBES Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions, where the awards were held.

The dress of revenge

It is clear that Rosalía and Rão Alejandro are very much in love, they have spent more than two years together, many of them married until July 2023 and announced that they have decided. break up. Rumors of marital infidelity on his part gained turbo speed, until the Spanish artist herself ruled out that this was the reason for the separation.

“I love, respect and appreciate Raul very much. I don’t care about movies, we know what we went through. This moment is not easy, so I thank everyone for understanding and respect,” Rosalía wrote on her Instagram account.

However, her decision to perform at the Latin Grammy Awards “Our love is broken” The success of the legendary Rocio Jurado, and her wearing a neckline identical to the so-called “revenge dress” that Princess Diana wore in her first appearance after her separation from Prince Charles at the time, did not go unnoticed.

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Nor the fact that Rau Alejandro was in the audience and was accompanied only by his mother. The camera didn’t focus on her singing “Our Love Was Broken by Overuse,” but that wasn’t necessary either. The Puerto Rican artist has made it clear that he was not the one who made the decision to break up. ‘What a moment!’

Rao did not remain silent

Most artists choose songs for these types of events that they want to promote, or that undoubtedly define their identity. With that in mind, Alejandro Sanz made a version of “Corazón Partío,” for example.

However, this does not seem to be the driving force behind Rao’s choice of music. The artist released not one, not two, but three songs, and one could feel that he was singing them to Rosalía.

The first was “Se me fue” by Laura Pausini, who is “Person of the Year” at these Latin Grammy Awards. With a cream-colored suit and jacket and strong shoulder pads, Rosalía’s ex seemed to leave his soul on every note. At his feet was a ring of fire made of lit candles.

His drooping and increasingly red eyes hid nothing and added a sadder touch to a haunting lyric:

“He doesn’t even answer the phone anymore.
My hope is hanging by a thread
I never thought I could lose my mind like this
for him

Because suddenly he doesn’t love me anymore
Because my life has become empty
No one answers my questions
Because I have nothing left without him.”

Then he performed two songs. “Don’t Let Me Go” and “Baby Hello”, both inspired by Rosalía, according to him himself. Surprisingly for the second, his collaboration with Bizarrap which he had to promote in the summer with a broken heart, received rock support from Joannes.

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Surprisingly, they both left the party latin grammy 2023 is empty-handed, as neither were among the winners on the night. The awards were dominated by Shakira, Natalia La Fourcade, Karol G and Bezarab.

Internet sleuths will no doubt be looking for an encounter at after parties. Maybe there’s more to these two from Seville.