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Rice donated by China arrives at Cuba's airport

Rice donated by China arrives at Cuba's airport

A plane loaded with rice donated by China arrived at Havana's Jose Martí International Airport. In this way, the Asian government is trying to help alleviate the current food crisis that the island is experiencing today.

This is the initial quantity of 68 tons of the promised shipment of 408 tons. The rest of the donations will be provided by air or by sea shipments from the Asian giant. Food items will be distributed as soon as possible, according to the allocation priorities granted by the Cuban government.

There is no doubt that eating rice on the island has practically become a luxury. The unattainable prices charged by MSMEs (250.00 COP) prevent any basic salary worker from including it in their daily diet. Even worse is what happens with these retirees who barely make more than $1,500.

Once again, China extends its hand

This is not the first time that China has communicated with Cuba in critical situations on the island. By the way, the Asian Ambassador to Havana Ma Hui reaffirmed his country's commitment to the well-being of the Cuban people. He pointed out that “this donation comes within a series of assistance measures agreed upon between the two countries.”

Food shortages in Cuba not only directly affect rice, a product in high demand on the island, but other basics such as bread are also missing, even from state centres. The Cuban government has recognized the food crisis the country is currently experiencing. In such a scenario, donations arrive at an ideal time, especially those related to rice.

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Newly arrived rice from China will be put on sale in an organized manner For consumers. It is another attempt to relieve pressure on markets so that families can access this staple food in their diet. But it is clear that this is not the real solution to the food crisis that Cuba is experiencing today.

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