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Research and development.  Basic search |  Dialect

Research and development. Basic search | Dialect

Basic research, also called pure research or fundamental research, aims to expand knowledge of nature, society, and human thought itself; In contrast, applied research is mainly directed towards an eminently practical purpose. Although the reality is that science in general is characterized by its comprehensiveness, there is a fundamental interconnection between the two sides.

For the reasons that scientific research began with the natural sciences, basic research is generally associated with physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics which are core languages, as well as interrelated fields; But even in the face of the greater complexity of the social sciences, significant progress has also been made in basic research to the extent that scientific rigor is more assumed.

As for nature, the knowledge of the principles and laws so far discovered, as well as their comprehensive practical application in daily life, is admirable; However, what has been said does not mean that complete knowledge of his reality has already been achieved. For example, in physics, which is the fundamental science of nature, with all its extraordinary progress, about 95% of what could be the reality of the physical world is unknown, because it has not been possible to explain it based on verifiable laws and principles. Aspects such as dark matter and dark energy.

In the social sciences, in terms of discovering the laws and principles of society and the mathematics of human thought in its highly successful application in science in general, there are many challenges and obstacles facing the social sciences, among which vague ideologies stand out. The interests of groups and sectors associated with them.

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Although basic research does not correspond to specific uses or economic benefits directly or immediately, it explains the greatest progress that man has achieved, due to the extraordinary influence of scientific knowledge on himself and over time.

In the past, scientists devoted their lives to basic research with major personal flaws; But since they are most fueled by great human curiosity, even in such circumstances, how much can they contribute?

Society and mainly the state, even in countries at the development level of the Dominican Republic, must promote and support basic research within the framework of scientific research and innovation – research and development – due to its transcendence which is well proven by the latest studies.400 years of history.