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Remy Valenzuela tells his version of events after a scandal with his cousin

Remy Valenzuela tells his version of events after a scandal with his cousin

Remy Valenzuela He reappeared on stage and in front of the cameras, having starred in Scandal after he allegedly hit his cousin and girlfriend, causing serious injuries.

In this regard, Remy publicly presented his version of events for the first time and commented, “It’s a family matter and I feel like my family has always been hidden or I’ve always been on the sidelines, well, Things happened, but not what people sayWell, what the media says, not what is expected, but I ask there is a little respect for the audience please, it’s familiar stuffHe noted in an interview with America wake up.

Although Remy did not want to delve into the matter, he did not deny that this had happened, although he emphasized that not everything was as it was said, It’s the first time something familiar has gone out of my control, Things speculate, not everything is true, There are things that I have doubts about As well as from the things that happened or those that were said., pointed out.

Likewise the singer He denied that he was a fugitive from justice But he preferred to remain silent on the subject and preferred to hide from the public eye. I’ve waited so long for my peace of mind, for the peace of my family, and for the peace of my people, that is, we calm things down, everything, and here we are… But hey, Not to hide, but to give calm, See what happens, give time to time”commented.

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finally, Remy asked to respect the condition of the living familyWell, let’s remember that a few days ago it became known that the singer’s cousin and girlfriend decided to forgive him, because They had reached an economic agreement, “We’re moving forward amongst family and in good health, I don’t mess with anyone’s family, be it my fans or technically, so I ask the same respect, They respect my family and my family’s things, I publicly rant and fight for anything, but this time I apologize to all my fans for the things that have been speculated, but We all have mistakes, we all have a life And my private life is my private life and I’m asking you please, I don’t want more things about that”, is over.

Remy Valenzuela accepts that the family issue is out of control