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RD chief calls for turning education into a national obsession |  AlMomento.net

RD chief calls for turning education into a national obsession | AlMomento.net

Abinader, during a press conference at the National Palace on Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Santo Domingo. – President Luis Abinader said this Tuesday that the time has come in the Dominican Republic to “put aside all political sectors in the education sector” and focus on improving its quality in the Dominican Republic, because it is the only form of “true social and economic development”.

He declared that Dominican society, starting with the government, should integrate “heterogeneous government” to turn education into a “national obsession”.

He pointed out that the Ministry of Education and Development has economic and human resources available, but the responsibility in this regard must lie with all sectors, including families, teachers, parents, school friends and many other institutions, governmental and private, and civil society.

Speaking at the National Palace at a press conference, Abinader called for an account of the progress of the government’s “zero bureaucracy” programme. In response to a journalist’s question, he referred to a recent complaint from the Ministry of Education that “there is stagnation” in this sector “at the general level.”

He explained that the data provided by MINERD do not indicate our decline in educational matters, but rather indicate that “we have not progressed.”

He noted that United Nations agencies and the Organization of American States that have a relationship with education have warned that due to the pandemic, there will be a “major setback” all over the world, but “this did not happen” in the Dominican Republic.

He stressed that in the first two academic years of the current government (2020-2022) they were virtual due to the pandemic, but in the current year 2023 they were completely face-to-face.

The minister said that education in the Dominican Republic is stagnant