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Raul Torres says he is disappointed with Paez’s veto and calls it irresponsible

Raul Torres says he is disappointed with Paez’s veto and calls it irresponsible

Cuban singer-songwriter Raul Torres, an ardent defender of the regime, has expressed his disappointment with Argentine musician Vito Paez and called him irresponsible in relation to the documentary. Havana Vitoby Juan Penn Villar, whose exhibition was held by the Cuban government without the director’s consent.

said Raul Torres in a post by Facebook Posted this Sunday.

Facebook / Raulito Torres arrested

He accused Cuban musician Vito Paez of entering, in the aforementioned documentary, “into our history with a weak and shaky narrative about Camilo’s disappearance, all because a documentary that was shown without permission was shown on Cuban television.”

In his opinion, he acknowledges that the documentary should never have been shown, but not because it was filmed without its director’s knowledge, but “because of the deplorable quality, the intolerable script and direction, the manipulation and the overacting… Cuban viewers don’t deserve to watch such a nonsense movie… Don’t make it the truth anymore.”

He closed his position with a threatening stance, saying, “There is no fear” and that he is ready to respond forcefully to those who oppose and attack his position.

After that it was Censored by the Ministry of Culture (MINCULT), Cuban television screened the documentary “Havana de Vito” in June, without the permission of its director, Juan Villar, or the audiovisual production company.

In the audiovisual field, the director reflected the complex Cuban reality under the critical gaze of Vito Paez and witnessed important figures of Ibero-American culture.

After this episode, Villar (known to many as Juan Penn) sent a letter to Cuban ruler Miguel Diaz-Canel showing disagreement with the measurewhich called it “a deplorable act that imposes a biased view on documentary film and subjects veto Bayes testimony to questions of politics or historical credulity”.

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