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Ramon Jessorin: photos of his daughter a queen and model Laura Jessorin

In a historic victory for Colombian football, Girls under 17 national team fill the hearts of hundreds of citizens with prides who closely followed their participation in the Women’s World Cup being held in India.

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Many expert commentators and fans agree that they have shown that women’s sports have become invisible enough I’ve never noticed talent before. In fact, the women’s league continues to be criticized for not receiving enough funds and not having a proper organization like the men’s.

In this sense, one of the coaches most critical of this and his recent comments regarding the players is Ramon Gisorn, the current president of the Colombian Football Association.

“The prizes are only given to professional football players, they are amateur girls,” Jessorin said.

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The controversy still exists, because the players of the national team broke records and now their presence in the World Cup final is a milestone.

However, one of Jesurún’s strengths is his family. His children and wife are his home.

In fact, Laura, her youngest daughter, was an essential part of her life.

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In 2010 she was crowned Señorita Atlántico and was distinguished for her assistance and social service in sports institutions.

In 2014, she married businessman Andres Felipe Velez.

They usually keep a reserved life on their social networks, but on several occasions they shared moments from their travels, the luxurious wedding which was attended by many celebrities such as Valerie Dominguez and others.

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