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Shakira was betrayed by the detectives who spied on Biko

Shakira was betrayed by the detectives who spied on Biko

Shakira and Pique They announced their separation through an official statement, ending the couple’s twelve-year relationship. Many note that the football player was not loyal to the singer.

Singer Have hired many investigators To spy on the nightlife of Effects. But they revealed that the two spies had betrayed Shakira.

the program Fat and thin She revealed that the same agency had leaked information about Biko’s alleged betrayal to the media.

This situation could have accelerated the couple’s separation plans. Shakira Publication of the official statement, there will be no compatibility between spouses according to the latest information.

The information has been happening in recent days. Effects He would be annoyed with his ex-partner’s entourage for tarnishing his public image.

It is expected that the two will meet during these days to reduce tension between them. He also ensures the well-being of his two children due to the situation.

Shakira will have plans to leave Spain and rebuild a new life in Miamiyo. in the meantime, Effects He was going to be living in a bachelor pad for the past few weeks.

Chris Evans was asked if he would date Shakira

In the midst of these reports, the number Chris Evans It sparked entertainment rumors. The actor was asked about his possible relationship with Shakira He replied. The singer can already rebuild her life.

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