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In front of the mirror, “Puma” Rodriguez’s granddaughter turns up the temperature in a bathing suit

In front of the mirror, “Puma” Rodriguez’s granddaughter turns up the temperature in a bathing suit

Galilea Lopez Murillo It has become a trend in recent months and not because he is devoted to acting or music, but because of his amazing posts on social networks. only granddaughter Jose Luis “Albuma” Rodriguez She raised the temperature in a tight bathing suit and caught all eyes.

Unlike her mother, Liliana Rodriguez, and her grandmother, Laila Murillo, Galilea Lopez Murillo He decided to devote himself to a field other than technical which is why he developed his own real estate related company. It is located in Miami, the city where the 26-year-old resides. In her spare time, she is an influencer.

Galilea Lopez Murillo, granddaughter of Puma Rodriguez. Source Instagram @galilealopezmorillo_

Galilea Lopez Murillo He is very independent and is constantly involved in physical activity. This helped her lose weight and thus improve her life. Through her social networks granddaughter Puma Rodriguez He has been involved in the transformation since he started to lead a healthier life, based on healthy eating and physical exercise. What inspired the 26-year-old was her mother, who underwent a gastric sleeve operation.

And the granddaughter of the Venezuelan artist published on her account on Instagram, where there are more than 91 thousand followers, a post in front of the mirror that led to a high temperature. for this picture, Galilee Accompany her with a motivational phrase: “Give her what you can, let’s go!”. The 26-year-old appeared in an orange skinny two-piece swimsuit, which caught the attention of her fans.

As for the relationship Galilea Lopez Murillo With Puma Rodriguez, on more than one occasion, the young woman has stated that she was unable to contact her grandfather, despite trying to talk to the 79-year-old singer. However, whenever the opportunity presents itself, he defends it publicly.

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Galilea Lopez Murillo raises the temperature. Source Instagram @galilealopezmorillo_