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A surprising theory spread in the networks about Pique's health in the midst of Shakira's divorce

A surprising theory spread in the networks about Pique’s health in the midst of Shakira’s divorce

Breaking up after several years of relationship and love is usually not a very simple moment. Not to mention when this whole process also points to a conflicted divorce like the one the Colombian singer is going through these days. Shakira The Spanish football player Gerrard Pique. There is no doubt that neither of them are having their best moments to say it.

That is why, in the midst of the divorce – which includes, among other aspects, the possession of the two children, Milan and Sasha – over the past few days, a theory has begun to circulate on social networks regarding a celebrity. Change in fitness and appearance Gerrard Pique. It is believed that this can be with the stress that each divorce brings.