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Ramfis insists on presidential aspirations and offers Ernesto Fadl as his running mate

Ramfis insists on presidential aspirations and offers Ernesto Fadl as his running mate

José Ramves Domínguez Trujillo reaffirmed his aspirations to participate in the presidential elections on May 19, through his Democratic Party of Hope, and announced Ernesto Vadol as his running mate.

The grandson of former dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo, in a press conference, ratified his aspirations to assume the highest political office in the country, although in November last year The Central Election Commission (JCE) rejected his candidacy due to constitutional obstacles.

“I want to reiterate that I am fully committed to all the conditions required by our Constitution to aspire to the presidency of the Dominican Republic, and this candidacy is valid,” he said categorically.

Regarding choosing Fadl as his partner, he expressed that he had concluded that this was his partner “Ideological twin” Because, in his opinion, they share the same political ideals and values.

He added: “We practically agree 100% with the political concepts, and I have complete confidence in their integrity and morals. He is a person of indisputable nationalist principles, someone who has demonstrated over the years not only an unmistakable tenacity, but also his calling to serve his people. He is the perfect person, the profile we are looking for, a man who is truly committed to the country, who has been fighting for years and who firmly believes in the principles of morality, equality and nationalism, but who also understands the lack of a strong government. He emphasized that the hand is to rule the country.

For his part, Fadl expressed his acceptance of the nomination, which he will also assume.

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He added: “Leader Ramfis because he has a destructive speech, and he is the only one capable of restoring the deteriorating national faith, and I trust him.” He asked me to accompany him to the polls and for me this is more than just a privilege. He said, “I expressed my support for him, and he knows very well that I will carry the last political cartridges for our project and our party.”


Regarding the border crisis and instability represented by neighboring Haiti, the presidential candidate expressed this since The central government is not taking decisive measures To ensure the safety of Dominicans.

He added: “They talked a lot here about the border issue, but they did not take decisive measures to close the border, to ensure the security of citizens, and we cannot believe that the security of citizens is fully protected when illegal Haitians enter.” And he leaves as if “this is his yard,” he said.

Trujillo stressed that the political and social crisis that Haiti has been experiencing in recent days “is of unparalleled importance,” claiming that in times of crisis people migrate to the nearest city, so the country must be prepared for a huge wave of Haitians.

He also described as “informative” the reinforcement announced by the authorities in the border area.

The council refused

In November last year, the plenary session of the Central Electoral Council (JCE), through Resolution 75-2023, rejected the presidential nomination presented by Ramfis Domínguez Trujillo because it did not meet the requirements of the sole paragraph of Article 20 of the Constitution. Constitution because he was born in the United States and has not yet renounced that citizenship.

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