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Quantum breakthrough: Scientists reveal a new state of matter

Quantum breakthrough: Scientists reveal a new state of matter

opening new horizons in quantum physics, Scientists from China and the United States They revealed a surprising state of matter, which they released “The liquid state of a Bose spiral”.

This remarkable discovery was made by A YesThe frustrated quantum systemAnd It prevents normal interactions between grains And it leads to unique behaviors.

Quantum musical chairs game:

The team of researchers focused on eelectrons and their comparison with game sElas musicals. Instead of having a dedicated chair, the electrons They should “fight” over a place to sit, Generate multiple possibilities. This analogy helped to understand remarkable phenomenon.

using a Two-layer semiconductor deviceone rich in electrons and the other with it Openings available, scholars They created a system in which there are not enough holes for all the electrons. Although it was difficult to notice, a field was used magneticor super strongtea To track the movements of the electrons, thus revealing the existence of the state Bose chiral liquid.

Amazing properties

The new country offers interesting features. For example, file Electrons freeze in a predictable pattern They acquire a constant rotational direction at temperatures close to absolute zero. Also, foreign particles It can affect youall electrons in the system, Thanks knitlove Quantum Relatively long range.

This discovery is hisThe possibility of influence in various fieldslike stocking information at the quantum level. The stability of electrons in the liquid state of a Bose chiral state Interference resistance can be used in systems Advanced digital storage.

One step closer to full understanding

All progress in Quantum physics brings us closer to a more comprehensive understanding of the world around us. Discoveries like this expand our understanding of particle interactions and allowing us to explore the limits of matter in extreme conditions.

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this The exciting discovery once again shows the power of science to surprise us And reveal the deepest secrets of nature. The chiral liquid state is another testament to the limitless potential of scientific research.