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Public Assistance Program in America: How to Get Your Benefits?

Public Assistance Program in America: How to Get Your Benefits?

The New Jersey General Assistance (GA) program lists a benefit of up to $382.00 USD per month for individuals in financial need.

In this sense, it provides cash assistance, burial assistance and emergency housing assistance benefits to the deserving.

Now, from July 1, applicants don’t have to wait to receive their money, instead receive the money from the time their application is approved.

That’s because New Jersey’s FY 2024 budget eliminated the 28-day waiting period for that program.

Likewise, the General Assistance (GA) program is part of the state’s program of social assistance for work, WorkFirst NJ. The latter emphasizes work as the first step to building a new life and a better future.

All aimed at helping people become financially self-sufficient through job training, education and work activities.


It is valid to clarify that the benefits are provided as per the specifications of the applicants. For example, single adults who are able to work will receive $185.00 USD per month. For adults with disabilities, it is $277.00 USD per month.

In the case of a couple, if one or both members are able to work, the amount to be received is $254.00 USD per month. Finally, if both are disabled couples, they will receive a maximum benefit of $382.00 USD per month.

Many are wondering where the funds for this project are being deposited. This process is done through Families’ First Electronic Benefit Transfer Card, known to many as an EBT card.

To be eligible, certain requirements must be met including income level and family size.

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What requirements are we talking about?

First, the family’s income must be below the income limit.

Additionally, adults must be legal permanent residents for at least 5 years. It should be clarified here that in some cases this last requirement is not applicable.

Finally, resources such as savings, checking accounts, bonds, and readily available assets must be less than $2000.00 USD.

Therefore, individuals who meet these income criteria will have three options to apply: in person, online or on paper.