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De negro y mantilla. ¿Por qué la Vicepresidente de la República eligió esta vestimenta para visitar al Papa Francisco?

Protocol capsule – in black and mantilla. Why did the Vice President of the Republic choose this dress to visit Pope Francis?

at recent days , Vice President Raquel PeñaIn a meeting at the Vatican with His Holiness the Pope Pope Francisco As part of your stay in Italy.

By the way, dress appropriately using formula of thirst (Refers to the dress code Sober, elegant and distinctive).

As per protocol, when a woman attends an official visit with the presence Pope Francis in the Vatican, He must wear a black mantilla on the head and a black uniform.

The dress code suggests a skirt below the knee, long sleeves; In addition, avoid prominent necklines, ornate makeup, high-heeled shoes, or fancy jewelry. Finally, wear a special black cloak in ceremonies, in special masses, the use of this item is optional.

Women should not wear white What you do not have “white privilege” This applies only to Catholic queens or consorts of a Catholic monarch.

Franchise du Blanc It is a concession from the Vatican in gratitude to the Catholic queens and royal houses that were faithful to the Church when several kingdoms converted to Protestantism.

Though, when The Pope goes to visit another country, The “white privilege” rule does not apply. Outside the Vatican, women could dress as they pleased, and always with due formality and respect.

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