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Pictures of the collapse of the train linking Las Tunas to Manate spread on social networks

Pictures of the collapse of the train linking Las Tunas to Manate spread on social networks

photo Dozens of Cubans try to board an old-fashioned train linking the Cuban cities of Manatee and Las Tunas Spread on social mediawhere many users criticized the status Transportation On the island, exacerbated by the current economic crisis.

One of the first to share the photos was the Cuban influencer Orlando Ragadel Morales, better known on social media as Orlandito Artista Cubano Cienfuegos, who said that The pictures do not belong to a TV series, but belong to extreme poverty Made by the Cuban Revolution.

Train From Las Tunas to Manati. This is not a telenovela that has been filmed for years or anything. This is extreme poverty my friends, it’s called the Cuban Revolution. Yes, that same person who has not revolutionized anything,” Radal Morales wrote on Facebook.

Independent publication Cuban time mentioned The pictures are of the car 4037 that transports passengers between Las Tunas and Manateethe only means of transportation for residents of 19 cities, such as in La Guinea, Las Marias, Grammal, Tania and La Anacahueta, among others.

The independent Cuban media also pointed out that The train departs three days a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridayswhen there is Gas Enough.

Cuban speaker Sandy Duenas too Share pictures of the crowded trainwhich he said looks like it was taken in India.

Only four out of six locomotives for trains of passengers working in Cuba Since April, which means delays and delays for travelers, as well as ongoing interruptions.

It all happens after that Moscow suspended the end of 2020the announced and highly promoted modernization of the Cuban railway system. This is due to the fact that the government of Cuba did not pay the Russian state company RZD (Russian Railways) the amounts due.

In October 2019, RZD signed an agreement with the Cuban Railways Federation to completely modernize the structure of the Cuban Railways. Moscow will finance the $2,314 million project.

The agreement provided for the design, repair and modernization of more than 1,000 kilometers of the Cuban railway infrastructure with Russian-made materials, technologies and equipment. In addition, it provided for the creation of a single center for monitoring the movement of trains and training of Cubans in the main transport education centers in Russia.

Seven locomotives arrived on the island in December 2020 It was manufactured by the Russian company Sinara Transport Machines (CTM). Before, This entity gradually sent out about 53 machinesmeaning that by the end of 2021, another 15 had to arrive on the island to seal a deal that was made.

On that occasion, Transport Minister Rodriguez Davila Advertise for Sputnik News: “The arrival of these locomotives in Cuba puts the railways in a better position to meet the transportation challenges of the coming year.”; We see this project, which was developed as part of the agreements of the Cuban-Russian Intergovernmental Committee with Sinara, as an exemplary example. ”

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