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Prezio was eliminated from his place in Tigres 2-1 over Lyon

Prezio was eliminated from his place in Tigres 2-1 over Lyon

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Arturo PrezioChairman of the Referees Committee, analysis of the arbitration works First leg matches in the semi-finals, where he indicated that the only major defect was Efrain Villard is not sent off In the meeting between Atlas and Pumas, in addition to the exclusion of the presence of a He came out of his place in Tigres’ second goal against Lyon.

Since the match between felines in the university ended, there is a video in which one sees a Leo Suarez in an advanced position, although Brizio noticed it There were no obvious elements for Marco Antonio Ortiz to cancel the annotation For Carlos Gonzalez would leave the scoreboard 2-1 in favor of Tigres.

according to No expulsion of Nahuel Guzmán For making a mistake on Mina Angel when he was heading towards the arc, the former informant explained it There was a misplaced ex from Ecuadorean, so the play was not worth it from that moment on.

In the match between Pumas and Atlas held at the Olympic League, the only big mistake was a move in which Efraín Velarde went to fight the ball with an Torres, although After taking it off, he left his leg outstretched and put a wooden plank in it He was not punished in red.

It is worth noting that Cesar Arturo Ramos will blow the return whistle between Lyon and Tigres, while Jorge Perez Duran will be responsible for Atlas against Pumas.