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Possible Tropical Hurricane 1 Reduces Rainfall in South Florida and the Keys - NBC 7 South Florida

Possible Tropical Hurricane 1 Reduces Rainfall in South Florida and the Keys – NBC 7 South Florida

MIAMI, Florida – A possible tropical cyclone hit southern Florida and Keys with heavy rain early Saturday morning, making landfall on the peninsula, causing landslides in the next few hours with tropical storm force.

According to the ET Bulletin at 2 p.m. National Hurricane Center (NHC, abbreviated in English), is located 45 miles west of arid Torcos Island and 175 miles southwest of Fort Myers, Florida.

The potential hurricane was blowing at a maximum speed of 40 mph and moving northeast at 12 mph.

According to the NHC, the system will continue to move in the same direction in the coming hours, although it will increase its speed in the coming days. A possible tropical storm will make landfall off the west coast of Florida on the same Saturday, then cross the peninsula on Sunday and return to the sea near or north of Bermuda on Monday.

Experts expect a possible hurricane to intensify slightly as it passes through Florida, and the system is expected to form a more limited epicenter over the weekend and early next week when it returns to the open waters of the Atlantic.

Extreme levels of rainfall and flooding are forecast for the weekend and early next week in western Cuba, central Florida, southern Florida, the Keys and the Bahamas.

Some parts of Florida will receive 4 to 8 inches of rainfall, while isolated areas will receive a maximum of 12 inches. There is also a risk of storm surges along the coasts of storm-affected areas.

Announcements, clocks and alarms are in effect

The tropical storm warning is in effect:

  • Florida Keys, including Dry Tortoise.
  • Bay of Florida.
  • From Englewood to Card Sound Bridge on West Coast Florida.
  • The east coast of Florida is south of the Volcanic and Privert County Lines.
  • Okisobi Lake.
  • The provinces of Pinar del Rio in Havana, Cuba, Artemisia and Mayapeque.
  • Northwest Bahamas
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Tropical storm monitoring is in place:

  • Provinces of Madanzas and the Isle of Youth in Cuba.

This is how the season is going in the Atlantic

A few days after the start of the 2022 hurricane season in the Atlantic, this potential hurricane will become the first storm of the current season to be named Alex.

Experts predict that this season will be active with 10 to 11 tropical storms, 4 to 6 Type 1 and 2 hurricanes, and 16 to 21 systems rated as Sections 2, 4, 3, 4 and 5.