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Poland “abandons” Ukraine, while Russia attacks several cities – El Financiero

Poland “abandons” Ukraine, while Russia attacks several cities – El Financiero

Russian missiles Arrived Cities all over Ukraine Thursday morning and caused Fires And at least they left Two dead Many are trapped under the rubble, according to the country’s authorities.

This operation is the largest carried out by Russia in more than a month, and comes a day after reports of sabotage operations at a military airport in Chkalovsknear Moscow.

This also coincided with the United Nations General Assembly summit in New York, where the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, delivered a speech and presented “A formula for peace“On the International Day of Peace.

Poland announced this on the same day It will stop sending its weapons to Ukraine While trying to modernize its army. first Minister, Mateusz MorawieckiHe pointed out that the decision has nothing to do with the temporary ban Import of Ukrainian grainsThis will not affect arms shipments crossing the country.

The dispute over whether Ukrainian grain should be allowed to enter domestic markets in Poland and other EU countries has strained the close relationship between Kiev and Warsaw, which He is at his worst Since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine last year.

We will not send weapons to Ukraine because now we will arm ourselves with the most modern weaponsThe president said in an interview with the private Pulsat News TV station on Wednesday evening.

Morawiecki stressed this Poland will defend its economic interests But he noted that the dispute over grain imports would not harm security in Ukraine. NATO and US facilities in a Polish city RzeszowHe added that those used to transport weapons to the neighboring country will not be affected.

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We will not put Ukraine’s security at risk“, he claimed. Poland sent much of its old arsenal to Kiev and updated its stock with new equipment purchased from South Korea, among other countries.

in KhersonIt is a city in southern Ukraine close to the front linesTwo people lost their lives On Thursday, at least five people were injured after one of the attacks reached the level of… residential buildingThe governor of the region of the same name Oleksand Prokudin noted.

Seven people were injured in Kyivincluding 9 year old girlCity Mayor Vitali Klitschko reported that some commercial and residential buildings were damaged.

The Air Force said it objected 36 cruise missiles out of 43 It set off for Ukrainian territory. In the immediate vicinity of the front, Kherson was attacked with S-300 shells and Kharkiv with other short-range weapons.

At least six attacks occurred in the area Slobidsky Kharkiv Governor Oleh Sinyhopov said the hurricane caused damage to civilian infrastructure. The city mayor added that two people were taken to hospital.

Other 10 people were injured At least one person was rescued from under the rubble in Cherkasy in the center of the country, according to Ihor Klimenko, the Ukrainian Interior Minister. until 23 people are still trappedAccording to what Governor Ihor Taborets said. Rescuers are working to remove the debris.

In the western Lviv region, an industrial area was reached, where several buildings were damaged and a fire broke out, but No injuries were reported immediatelyKlimenko noted.

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Regional Governor Vitaly Koval reported attacks in the city RivneIn the northwestern region of the same name, but did not provide further details.

For its part, the Russian Defense Ministry indicated that the anti-aircraft defenses were shot down 22 drones During the night, 19 planes flew over the Crimean peninsula and the other three were inland Kursk, Belgorod And Orioleareas near Ukraine. No injuries were reported immediately..