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Platense of 'Primitivo' Maradiaga returned to the marathon and added his first win of the tournament

Platense of ‘Primitivo’ Maradiaga returned to the marathon and added his first win of the tournament

minute by minute:

full time! There was no time for more, Platense returned and beat Marathon 3-1 at the conclusion of the fifth day of the inaugural 2021 Championship, Tiburon’s first victory in the Maradiaga ‘Primitivo’.

90 + 5 minimum A deadly counterattack by Platense, a long ball for Angel Velazquez who went solo, reached Denovan Torres and defeated him with a left-footed shot. In the previous play, marathon players demanded a penalty kick.


90 + 2 Change in Platency! Hessler Morales enters and Yasir Santos leaves, leaving with a standing ovation from the Excelsior fans.

90 min We have reached the statute time and the match will play another five minutes.

Minimum 89 UFFFF! Almost eliminated by Platense, the counterattack led by Hector Aranda assisted Angel Velasquez who fired straight from Denovan’s goal.

Minimum 85 Yasser Santos scored again to sign his double, he did it with a shot that left Denovan Torres with no choice and madness at Excelsior.


Minimum 81 yellow cards! Anthony Cervantes is booked into Platense after a foul on Edwin Solani Solano.

Minimum 76 EXPELLED! Player Walter Adrian Ramirez leaves a 10-man marathon after seeing the second yellow card.

Minimum 73 double changes in the marathon! Renieri Mayorquin and Ovidiu Lanza replace Luis Garrido and Mario Martinez.

Minimum 72 Good play from Tiburon, center right of Hector Aranda, Dinovan Torres can’t catch the ball and Yasser Santos hits him in the local tie, 1-1.


Minimum 69 yellow cards! Jose Dominguez has been booked at Platense after a foul against Edwin Solani Solano.

Minimum 68 Edwin Solani Solano has been arrested in an advanced position.

Minimum 65 Dinovan Torres throws himself to the ground to waste time and calls for medical help. There are multiple times a marathon goalkeeper has done it in the game.

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Minimum 63 yellow cards! Luis Garrido was booked in the marathon for a foul against Jorge Cardona.

Minimum 62 PALOOOO! Brian Castillo’s long shot and the ball that stunned Mariano Pineda hit the horizontal. Platense saved.

Minimum 61 Free kick from Mario Martinez, Jose leaves Mariano Pineda to clear it, but he did it poorly and Costly attempted a very skewed Chilean player.

Minimum 56 changes per marathon! Carlo Costelli enters and Frieza Lopez leaves.

Minimum 53 ¡UFFF! The corner, taken by Jose Dominguez, reached the knee of Anthony Cervantes and saved goalkeeper Porcelain Denovan Torres.

Minimum 51 yellow cards! Ospel Perez is booked in Platense after a foul against Solani Solano.

Minimum 49 Mario Martinez took the corner and cleared Platense’s defense.

Minimum 48 Friles Lopez fled to the left, when he was about to hit him, Cesar Osguera crossed just in time to send a corner.

Minimum 46 Marathon also made a change: Edwin Solani Solano entered and Giancarlo Vargas left.

Let’s go to the second part! Platense made an amendment, William Moncada entered and Javier Murillo left.

Half the time! Marathon went to the end of the first half with a 0-1 lead over Platense thanks to a Brian Castillo goal.

MINIMUM 43 POSTEEEE! The center is from the left of Yasir Santos, between Yerson Gutierrez’s header and the ball crashing into the right corner of the emerald arc. Marathon saved.

Minimum 39 Yerson Gutierrez got it wrong, and he went it alone, but it hit him horribly. Platinum fans complained in the stands.

Minimum 37 Change in Platency! Kelvin Matut enters and Marcos Martinez leaves.

Minimum 35 Mario Martinez was revived with a free kick, quickly played for Emilio Izaguirre who sent the middle and striker Brian Castillo headed in to send the ball to the bottom of the tiered goal.

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Minimum 32 Mario Martinez pays a free kick out of Platense’s goal.

Minimum 27 yellow cards! Walter Adrian Ramirez has been booked into the Marathon for a foul against Marcos Martinez.

minimum 24 Another ball that Frelys López was looking for and was well directed by Jose Mariano Pineda to repel the purslane attack.

Incredible 20 minimum! Mario Martinez hit a goal pass to Brian Castillo, but the Marathon forward missed under the goal, sending the ball over the head. It’s the clearest thing in the game.

17 minutes minimum The marathon begins to encourage more. A good filtered pass from Mario Martinez to Brian Castillo was leaving on his own, but goalkeeper Jose Mariano Pineda was out on time.

Minimum 14 ¡UYYY! Frelys López’s header, after a cross from Mario Martínez, and the ball passes over Platense’s goal. Good chance for the menswear team.

Minimum 13 Emilio Izaguirre runs to the left, lifts the center of the goal and sends defender Marcos Martinez into the corner.

Minimum 11 Once again, Perez won the baseline, and the center and Matias Teixeira sent a good sweep.

Minimum 10 A marathon attempt on the right with a center from Alans Vargas that Frelys López could not contact.

Minimum 6 ¡UFFF! Double Save by Dinovan Torres. Ospel Perez overflowed his right hand, made the middle, hit him by Jose Dominguez and covered a marathon keeper who saved his side again with Yasser Santos’ shot in the next action.

minimum 3 Up to seven changes were made by Martín ‘Tato’ García in the eleventh stand of the green monster. Kervin Arriaga has already joined the Honduran national team because he was suspended for being sent off against Vida.

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Minimum 1 First Platency Notice. Free kick for Yasser Santos went straight out of the marathon goal.

Ball moved! Platense and Marathon are already questioning the match that concludes the 5th history of the tournament.

Ramon ‘Primitivo’ Maradiaga will make his home premiere on Thursday. Platense, now under the Honduran coach, will move to the Excelsior Stadium to receive Uruguayan marathon Martín Tato Garcia, who will seek course correction and leadership.

A duel of contradictions. Tiburon does not yet know what will win in the current Apertura Championship 2021-2022, losing three matches and drawing once, adding a point out of a possible 12.

Maradiaga ‘Primi’ made his debut in the past history, and things didn’t go well, UPNFM’s Lobos suffered a painful 3-0 defeat. Today you have the opportunity to get off to a good start in Puerto Cortés.

On the other side comes the green monster, who fights for higher positions. The Emerald team started to sweep the tournament with three straight wins, but the previous day they were removed from the draw by Vida who beat them 2-0 in La Ceiba.

Marathon wants a yes or a yes to be on top of the competition, as Motagua currently has 10 points, one point more than Sampdrano, versus Vida, both with 9 points.

Headline line alliances:

plateau: 24 Jose Mariano Pineda, 39 Osbel Perez, 2 Anthony Cervantes, 5 Marcos Martinez, 28 Cesar Oseguera, 14 Jorge Cardona, 20 Hector Aranda, 43 Jose Dominguez, 52 Javier Murillo, 44 ​​Yasir Santos and 11 Yerson Gutierrez.

marathon: 25 Dinovan Torres, 27 Carlos Garcia, 23 Matías Teixeira, 15 Alans Vargas, 7 Emilio Izaguirre, 10 Mario Martinez, 48 Adrian Ramirez, 8 Luis Garrido, 12 Gincarlo Vargas, 9 Friles Lopez and 38 Brian Castillo.

the reviewer: Orlando Hernandez, Alberto Mesa, Orlean Hernandez, Raul Castro and Vivian Rodriguez.

hour: 7.00 pm.

Send: Tiggo Sports.