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“Physical ministers represent corruption and nepotism.”

“Physical ministers represent corruption and nepotism.”

Chihuahua.- “Everything AMLO said he would not do, he ended up doing,” Federal Representative Rocío González said, regarding the alternatives presented by President López Obrador to replace Minister Arturo Zaldivar on the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN). ).

“There are three people associated with Morena who have a completely partisan view of the ruling party; “Clappers… what we need in the court are very technical constitutional figures, who know institutional treaties and constitutional oversight,” he told the PAN legislator.

Because he confirmed that Bertha María Alcalde Lujan, María Estela Ríos and Linea Patriz Guadarrama represented the “Minister of Karnala”, that is, comradeship and very close to the official power of the country.

Morena emphasized that in his view they could not be qualified.

“They do not meet the technical specifications of the court but they have a close proximity to the president and the authority, and AMLO does everything he criticized at the time. He insisted that everything AMLO indicated would not happen is actually happening.

Bertha María Alcalde Lujan was the social welfare delegate in Chihuahua to replace Juan Carlos Loera, during his election and political campaign, and is the daughter of Bertha Lujan, a figure close to the president and the founding cadres of Morena. His father, Arturo Alcalde Giustiniani, is a labor lawyer and advisor to the president.

María Estela Ríos González was one of López Obrador’s most loyal collaborators during his political career. She is a lawyer with over 50 years of experience, having served as Labor Defense Attorney (Profedet), as well as Legal Counsel for Mexico City during AMLO’s term.

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Linia Patrice Guadarrama is a former deputy of the Party of the Democratic Revolution from 1997 to 2000, an institutional activist and currently holds the position of Deputy Adviser for Legislative and Regulatory Studies in the Legal Department of the Federal Executive. She is the sister of the current head of Mexico City’s government, Parté Patrese, and is associated with the most reactionary groups within Morena.

Representative Gonzalez Alonso stressed the need to have independent ministers in the courts, without concessions, because the impartiality of judges must not be complete in order to achieve the separation of powers.