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Cuban Customs reports shipment processing

Cuban Customs reports shipment processing

The General Customs of the Republic of Cuba recently reported the processing of shipments sent to the island.

On numerous occasions, Cuban shipping officials have explained that the “bottleneck” in the processing of parcels sent to Cuba occurs, above all, in the customs process in Cuba.

“The warehouse may be full, but until customs releases the goods, it is not possible to go to the distribution area to be able to activate the distribution issue or for the customer to come pick up the package.” Announce More than a year ago, Cubapac’s chief of operations spoke to Cuban television.

To this day, these problems persist and it is very common for the Cuban Post Office, for example, to “lift” customers who complain to Cuban customs channels.

Specifically, Customs these days reiterates that “customs and freight forwarding agencies have the information and means to know in real time what stage of processing your shipment is in.”

“Request this information through the channels available to them.” Communicates. But those who do solve almost nothing. When it’s not about increased demand and reduced operational capacity, fuel becomes the perfect excuse for inefficiency.

Cuba Customs: Shipping

However, the agency recalls all the flexibility approved by the Ministry of Finance and prices that are in effect for imports made on a non-commercial basis by natural persons.

For example, the following are exceptionally approved from July 1 to December 31, 2023 for shipments to Cuba:

  • In non-commercial air, sea and postal shipments carried out by natural persons, the value limit is increased from US$200 to US$500.
  • Exemption from customs tax for the first $30 of the value of the shipment or its equivalent weight (3) kilograms, and a tariff rate of 30% is applied to the excess.
  • Non-commercial import of food, hygiene items, medicines and medical supplies up to a maximum of five hundred US dollars (US$500.00) in value, equivalent to up to fifty kilograms (50 kg) and exempt from payment of customs tax, through passengers as unaccompanied baggage.
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All these provisions appear in Official Gazette No. 47 is exceptionalpublished on June 29, 2023.

Cuban customs also announced that Sunday, November 19 Prices are in Cuban pesos Imposing fees on natural and legal persons for the technical and production services they provide.

And on this last topic, dear reader Cuban guide He sent us a screenshot prepared by customs to show the new prices.

“It changes that before determining the payment for services, whether for baggage worth P10.00. This has been increased depending on the importation one makes, the same thing happens with the letter from home, and the service provided is charged.