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Pruebas de rendimiento arrojan que el coche eléctrico solar Lightyear One es el "más eficiente del mundo", incluso en condiciones adversas (VIDEO)

Performance tests show that the Lightyear One solar electric car is ‘the most efficient in the world’, even in adverse conditions (video)


29 ene 2022 17:37 GMT

Its first production will start in the middle of this year.

Dutch company Lightyear announced solar electric vehicles last Thursday Results Among the latest tests on its flagship car, the Lightyear One, in which the car’s aerodynamics, tire performance and efficiency at high speeds were checked, were checked.

During the tests, the car accelerated to 130 km / h, compared to 85 km / h in previous tests. The weather conditions were much cooler this time, with the temperature being around 10 degrees Celsius.

In addition, the Lightyear engineering team reported a low power consumption of 141 W/km, which the company says is significantly lower than the 211 W/km average recorded for similar electric vehicles.

On the other hand, despite the adverse conditions, the car has a range of more than 400 kilometers.

“The most efficient car in the world”

“We are producing the most efficient car in the world to date. In any climate. At any speed.” announce Sign the test result.

“Compared to other vehicles at the moment, the Lightyear One can drive one and a half times more than one. […] Same size battery,” explained the company’s vehicle testing coordinator, Megan Parfitt.

Lightyear One’s first production start at In the middle of this year.

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