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Pedro Pierluisi supports the amendment to the law that mandated donation in the purchase of stickers and tablets

Pedro Pierluisi supports the amendment to the law that mandated donation in the purchase of stickers and tablets

Rio Grande – In a change of position expressed by La Fortaleza last Tuesday, Governor Peter Pierluisi He confirmed this afternoon that he would support any legislation aimed at amending the law mandating a donation to Roberto Clemente Sports City, in Carolina, when comparing a poster or tablet.

The Pierluisi administration defended this week The imposition of the said tax under the justification that it was in consideration of Clementi’s “great deed and legacy”.

However, today, Thursday, the CEO admitted that he does not take into account the controversial scope of signing Resolutions 16 and 17, but he believed that “since it was approved unanimously in the Senate and by a majority in the House of Representatives”, these measures should be supported.

“This bill was approved unanimously and with a majority in the chamber. But If they want to amend the law in the legislature, I have no objection to that. Of course, it will have an impact on how much money will be raised to make better and the repairs that need to be done for the sports center there in Carolina, but if that’s how lawmakers feel, Pierluisi said at a side of the press as he left the reopening of El Portal in El Yunque National Forest.

Without saying whether he agreed to repeal it, the governor confined himself to giving impetus to the joint decision drawn up by representatives of the New Progressive Party Gabriel Rodríguez Aguilo, José “Che” Pérez Cordero, and José “Memo” Gonzalez Mercado, which seeks the payment of the money to be voluntary.

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“I have no objection to it being voluntary or discretionary (donation)”, narrowed

When asked if he knows that the signing of the decisions that implemented the $5 for Ciudad Deportiva Roberto Clemente will directly affect the resources that will be allocated this year to the Medical Sciences Campus (RCM) from University of Puerto Rico (UPR), the official replied in the negative.

I didn’t take that into account when I signed up for the procedure. I didn’t really think this was a controversial move and obviously we all want to support and honor Roberto Clemente. Those sports facilities in Carolina leave a lot to be desired. If it is not this way, we must find another way to restore those facilities, because it is the least we have to do,” the president said.

He said he is in talks and is interested in legislation that promotes electronic hashtags. He even confirmed that Puerto Rico’s (Prits) Technology and Innovation Service Director, Enrique Volkers Nin, is responsible for the design which, if implemented, would be free.

Currently, House Bill 1125 is seeking $15 to implement the e-tag.