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Gisele Blondi graduated "like a coconut" from extracting woven implants

Gisele Blondi graduated “like a coconut” from extracting woven implants

Presenter and artist Gisele Blondi came out “like a coconut” from the breast she underwent due to symptoms related to the implant disease that affected her rheumatoid arthritis case.

Blondet, who was accompanied by her daughter Gabe, shared to her followers a seven-minute video about the procedure performed by surgeon Deb Vibhakar which entailed removing the implants that affected her health and raising her bust without the need for these products.

“I wanted to tell you I’m fine, I’m very happy, and I think I’ve made a good decision,” said the presenter, who was resting in her room and even showing the implants that had been extracted.

“Look, I’m like a coconut,” he shouted.

During the video, Blondette had an interesting conversation with the doctor, who described him as the “star of the show”, about the surgery and the preparations that contributed to its success.

Said the artist, who has constantly said that she is “very relieved” and sure of her decision.

The short documentary showed part of the moment the surgeon began drawing a bust, which he rated as important because it would serve as a “map” for the surgery.

In the process, I asked Gabi Vibhakar if it was common for patients to show symptoms similar to their mother’s due to having implants, which the professional stated were common “regardless of whether they were soft, silicone or saline implants”.

You can see the video here:

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