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Pay attention to the sales, “Black Friday” is knocking on the doors: what day will it be?

Pay attention to the sales, “Black Friday” is knocking on the doors: what day will it be?

Black Friday is a special day for consumers and merchants, as on those days (usually more than one day) great offers are offered on all kinds of products. And 2023 is already approaching, so we’ll tell you when. If you’re interested in sales, now is your time.

It is a tradition that comes from the United States, where it is celebrated on the Friday after Thanksgiving and marks the beginning of the Christmas season. The name “Black Friday” has several interpretations, but one of the most famous is that it refers to the color change in business accounts, which go from being in a state of losses (in red) to making profits (in black).

Another version says that the term was used in Philadelphia to describe the chaos of traffic and people who filled the streets that day.

Whatever the case, “Black Friday” has spread all over the world and is an opportunity to buy online or in physical stores with very attractive discounts. Online platforms like Amazon or stores like Apple, Walmart, Target, HP, etc. have a huge list of products that will generate sales.

What day is Black Friday this year?

The last Friday of November is known as Black Friday, a day when many stores offer great discounts and deals. In 2023, this date will be November 24, but you need to be careful because some stores start launching their promotions in advance, even a week before. Therefore, it is advisable to review the advertisements on each online sales website or platform.

Usually, Black Friday lasts only one day (although there are exceptions), but it is not the only occasion to take advantage of sales. The following Monday, also called Cyber ​​Monday or “Cyber ​​Monday,” focuses on online shopping and can be a good option to search for that product you want.

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in AmazonFor example, Black Friday will be on the same day, November 24, although many sales will be offered before that, according to Reports. We leave you a small preview of what sold out most on Prime and which will likely be repeated in the new November sale.

For example, the Amazon Fire TV Stick media player, Amazon Echo Pop smart speaker, Amazon Echo Dot (5th generation) smart watch speaker, and TP-Link Tapo C210 Wi-Fi security camera are sold out a lot.