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Paulina Rubio: They revealed a video of Susana Dusamantes singing her daughter's popular song "Mio"

Paulina Rubio: They revealed a video of Susana Dusamantes singing her daughter’s popular song “Mio”

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It’s only been a week since the actress passed away Susanna Dusamantes It didn’t take long for her daughter to show signs of affection Pauline Rubio Who shared his feelings on social media, before the irreparable loss of his mother.

The singer and her mother were really inseparable, and even Dosamantes left Mexico to go with her daughter and grandchildren. Andrea Nicholas and ErosAnd the Well, she wanted to enjoy it as long as possible and until last year they both traveled to Paris for a family vacation.

Now netizens have shared a fun video via social networks where the first actress can be seen Susana Dusamantes enjoying a celebration she couldn’t help showing herself as another “Golden Girl” fan.

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She is that actress. When she entered the party, she sang the topic very confident in herself “king”He was discreetly dancing to the beat of his daughter’s folk song. who was also present at the celebration. The actress looked very happy in the crowd.

The actress passed away last weekend of pancreatic cancer, and although she received treatment in a Miami hospital, she was unable to fight the battle. Her ashes will be brought to Mexico City as arranged.

Here we share a video of actress Susana Dusamantes singing “Mio”:

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