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La Casa de los Famosos 4 LIVE: Gregorio saved one of the contestants from being nominated

La Casa de los Famosos 4 LIVE: Gregorio saved one of the contestants from being nominated

Gregory spared Ariadne from being nominated, a decision based on his principles of “ladies first”, so he refused to give preference to Clovis.

Alfredo Adam confirmed that he is enjoying the moment of being one of the most supportive and hated people inside La Casa de los Famosos.

Thali She provided details of the controversies that surrounded her after her departure The famous house. She emphasized that Lupillo Rivera was just a friend and that she also could not stand the reality show anymore because she missed her family and the days seemed “eternal.”

The former reality show contestant has explained the reasons that made her decide to retire from the reality show. Credit: X:MomentosDeLCDLF

After applying artificial nails, Clovis asks for help with his daily activities, from changing clothes to helping himself to breakfast; But no one wants to help him because that is part of the challenge.

La Divaza emphasized that they must work as a team, and if not, that contestant must be eliminated. In this case he referred to Cristina Porta.

Clovis showed off his fake, painted nails in front of the La Casa de los Famosos cameras to take on the challenge and ask people to vote so that he does not become the next person eliminated from the reality show.

La Divaza, Clovis Nienow, Rodrigo Romeh and Ariadna Gutiérrez will be friends for 24 hours and the pairs will alternate

The participants recently took part in the new season of the reality TV show Telemundo They talked about it, including two other characters Rodrigo Rome And Ariadna Gutierrez. The four agreed to that In order to save their room they will be friendsconsecutively for 24 hours starting after the elimination ceremony next Monday, February 19.

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This will include i ship For now, La Divaza and Clovis Nienow, will be the first and most anticipated according to netizens on social networks.

La Divaza has a new friend in La Casa de los Famosos 4; It's the Mexican who defeated him on the show

Participants of the popular Telemundo reality show have become a trend on social networks due to the great “charge” that fans give them.

La Divaza and Clovis Nienow will date for 24 hours inside La Casa de los Famosos 4 Capture: Telemundo

Although her first kiss was with Alfredo Adam, Diva He seems interested in someone else and he reciprocates, Clovis Nino, at least for 24 hours. Population and participants The famous house 4 They launch a viral challenge to their followers, and if achieved, They will be boyfriend and girlfriend for 24 hoursWithout any action and in a real way, or at least that's how they say it.

Mariana Gonzalez is upset about her nomination: “I would be a real bitch*”

Named Mexican Kardashian He showed a side unknown in terms of competition: great fury. wife Vicente Fernandez Jr She recently exploded on the reality show after it was revealed that she is one of the residents nominated for the upcoming eviction ceremony taking place on Monday, February 19.

Without caring who voted against her, Mariana Gonzalez assured in front of the 24/7 cameras that things will not remain this way, because until this fourth week of the program she did not generate or seek conflict with some of her colleagues, unlike other famous ones.

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“now yes, I'd be a real son of a bitch“, she said, deeply disturbed by the risk of expulsion her candidacy created for her.

Follow all the meetings, fights, rumours, nominations and other challenges of the Telemundo reality show Credit: TikTok/@momentosdelcdlf / Telemundo

Sunday positioning at “La Casa de los Famosos 4”

One day of finding out who will be the next resident to be eliminated The famous house 4the celebrities began preparing for the party and warning about who they would put themselves through, which is one of the moments that generates the most tension on and off the reality show. Telemundo.

Lupillo Rivera seeks leadership to bring Thale Garcia back to La Casa de los Famosos 4

During his recent conversation with Maribelly Rivera, Lupillo Rivera He spoke about one of the topics that has made him trend in recent days: the unexpected passing of Thali Garcia From the reality show, The famous house 4.

After being abandoned and having to be eliminated because of this, Jenni Rivera's brother expressed his desire to bring the Mexican actress back at any cost.

This was confirmed by the famous regional Mexican singer You will be seeking a driving weekI'll make it clear again that he doesn't want chocolate or drinks at the famous suite; To be able to see Thali Gacía to make sure she is okay after her ill-fated escape.

Follow all the meetings, fights, rumours, nominations and other challenges of the Telemundo reality show Credit: TikTok/@momentosdelcdlf