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“I know it bothers me to be here.”

“I know it bothers me to be here.”

Just one day ago Jorge Junior arrived in Miami And he is already heating up the networks by dropping some hints at those who insist on making him the target of criticism.

From the top floor of the hotel there is a wonderful view of the city and its coasts. The Los 4 leader made it clear that he doesn’t care much about the comments against him.

“I know it bothers me to be here.”He laughs repeatedly at different moments in the video as he shows his surroundings with his phone.

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I know how annoying it is to go against the flow (…) One goes against the will of manyAnd that after someone comes here he is like this, higher than you, that after someone comes here life is better than you, that after someone comes here they close the places because of capacity, I know that this is annoying, from here I am. The artist said: “I see everyone,” from Without mentioning to whom exactly his words were directed.

In the video, Jorge Junior alluded to the fact that there are also those who feel uncomfortable because of this His group had a sold-out concert in MiamiYo.

The premiere of The 4 is scheduled to take place in that city Saturday, May 11 at La Scala.

After you arrive Shared with his cousin the Tigeranother reggaeton player who is constantly under criticism.