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Plutarco Haza and resentment at seeing his reputation tarnished on Jimmy Kimmel’s show

Plutarco Haza and resentment at seeing his reputation tarnished on Jimmy Kimmel’s show

On May 7, he hosted American broadcaster Jimmy Kimmel on his show Jimmy Kimmel Live By comedian Mike Birbiglia. In one of their conversations, the name of the Mexican actor Plutarco Haza came up, who accused him of stealing his character from a movie script. the new: A joke that got out of control.

“Mike Birbiglia didn’t say he stole my play. He said I stole his character! He found out that in Mexico there was someone doing the monologue he put on Broadway in which he talked about his whole experience of being a father when he didn’t want to be a father, and that someone in Mexico attributed it to him.” “As if he was Mike Birbiglia and told the same story.” Hazza commented on Windows.

The Mexican actor points out what happened in his play I will become a father 😊 It contained names, gender, occupations, and profiles identical to Birbiglia’s text. It is as if he took charge of his life to tell it as it is. But Haza’s version modified the functions, gender, and language, turning it into a Latinized Spanish. In other words, adapt.

The work that Plutarco Haza collected overnight was not without permission. I got the rights the new To be able to create that piece in Mexico in relation to the original argument, and make some adjustments to connect with a Mexican audience.

“What he does is distort the story to achieve a moment of comedy. What actually happened is I saw the play on Netflix, because they recorded it. I liked it, and I adapted it as an actor. My wife and I, as producers.” “We bought the rights and put the work in Mexico.” L said Windows.

The case dates back to 2019. That year, Netflix released the special as original content Mike Birbiglia: New For its subscribers in the United States. Hazza, who lives in Los Angeles, saw it and wanted the rights. Obtained through negotiation with representatives of Birbiglia.

It was in June 2021 when the Mexican actor announced the premiere of the monologue I will become a father 😊 His heroism. The director was Adal Ramones. The set consists of an armchair and some toys. It was presented through the short season system in different theatres: Teatro del Parque, Teatro Wilberto Canton, Teatro San Jeronimo, Foro Shakespeare.

In 2022, the work witnessed two important changes: Pierangelo joined the project to exchange roles with Hazza and the phrase “… Damn!” to the title to give it a more attractive reward. The duration of the monologue was 90 minutes. In August of that year, the jobs cycle ended.

What surprises the actor is that Birbiglia now wanted to look funny on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, affecting his image by saying that he appropriated his character without asking for approval and that he took advantage of it when this was not the case. They even maintained communication before the monologue was released in Mexico.

“There is some truth to what he is saying. The agency that negotiated the rights with me, who are his representatives, did not inform him. I don’t know why. He found out about it online, on Instagram, and called me to tell him.” Tell me “It’s my job, you can’t wear it,” and then I respond that I have the rights that I negotiated with his agency, we became friends, I have emails saying he was nice to me, and we zoomed with the wives’ work to be installed in Mexico.” Dependence on Windows.

Birbiglia’s joke worries Hazza because it tarnishes her honor, calls into question her professionalism, and may affect her job opportunities in the United States, the country where she lives and lives. 30 years in search of opening doors to work in local productions.

The reason Hazza was upset was that the comedian left the joke midway through and did not explain that in reality everything was fine with the movie adaptation. I will become a father 😊. Although Birbiglia apologized to Hazza on social media, the actor asked him to issue a public apology for not specifying the truth of the facts. Otherwise, you will be exposed to defamation and this will motivate you to take legal action.

“It is not permissible for him to take over my image on a program and laugh at me with lies.” He finished. But now, wait until the requested apology is issued, so that the farce whose consequences are not measured will not grow bigger.

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