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Ortiz Bosch dice que no entiende la postura de Leonel Fernández ante reforma constitucional

Ortiz Bosch says he does not understand Lionel Fernandez’s position on constitutional reform

Like a small text, this is how Milagros Ortiz Bosch described the position of Lionel Fernandez before Constitutional reform proposed by the government.

“He is a smart man, he is a man who makes international speeches, he communicates with the global world, so one does not understand why a person who still has so many things to do would choose the path of the president of the People’s Party”) Spain, and opposition to oppositionThis was stated by the former Vice President of the Press at a press conference on the Right of Way (Codevial) Commission.

who is currently Director General of Government Ethics and Integrity argues that politics is not done as it once was, and that she does not understand why modernity has become a past, referring to his radical stance And decided to fix.

“What happened to that attorney general in the National Council of Women? He was able to introduce policy in all state agencies,” the former Minister of Education also explained about the inclusion of this power in the council through the 2010 constitutional reform, promoted by Fernandez.

He added that The National Council of the Judiciaryresponsible for selecting the judges who would preside over the higher courts of the judiciary, did well until the attorney general of the republic was included.

For his part, former President Fernandez described last week as ‘Not appropriate’ and ‘unnecessary’ The intention of the government of President Luis Abenader to reform the Dominican Constitution, which was amended in 2010, during the Fernández administration.

Fuerza del Pueblo party chief stressed that the current scenario requires focus improve living conditions For the Dominican people in the face of the crisis of inflation and uncertainty caused by the conflicts in Russia and Ukraine.

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