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Ortega is asking the International Court of Justice to be part of South Africa's case against Israel for genocide

Ortega is asking the International Court of Justice to be part of South Africa's case against Israel for genocide

Daniel Ortega's dictatorship has asked the International Court of Justice to be part of South Africa's lawsuit against Israel for alleged genocide over the Jewish state's military maneuvers in the Gaza Strip.

“As a State party to the Convention against Genocide, Nicaragua has an obligation to prevent genocide and to cooperate to this end with other contracting parties, including by resorting to the competent organs of the United Nations, of which this court is the principal judicial body,” she said. Dictatorship in a statement on January 23.

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Nicaragua's request to participate in the case – according to the aforementioned system – was submitted under Article 62 of the Statute of the Court. “If this intervention is approved, Nicaragua will participate as a state party in the process with all the legal implications resulting from the court’s ruling.”

The case is before the International Court of Justice

South Africa filed a lawsuit before the International Court of Justice in The Hague on December 29, 2023 against Israel, accusing it of committing acts “of a genocidal nature because it intends to cause the destruction of a large portion” of the Palestinians in Gaza. .

The acts of genocide alleged in the case include killing Palestinians, causing serious physical and mental harm, and intentionally imposing conditions intended to “cause their physical destruction as a group.” He also confirms that the statements of Israeli officials express genocidal intentions, according to A Illustration provided by BBC Mundo The 84-page lawsuit document.

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Initially, the Ortega regime “welcomed” this request, then threatened Israel to “take all measures” to enable the Jewish state to end its military operations in Gaza, including resorting to the International Court, as it did on Wednesday.

“Nicaragua, like the international community, considers that the actions taken by Israel constitute clear violations of the Convention against Genocide, and have been accompanied by statements from the highest authorities in Israel that clearly reveal the intent to genocide and dehumanize the Palestinians.” People have been exposed,” the dictatorship stated in its statement on Wednesday.

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The dictatorship's request for intervention “should not delay the court's proceedings and deliberations relating to the urgent request for interim measures which is expected to be decided soon.”

Other states support the lawsuit

The governments of Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, Bolivia and Cuba also announced that they support South Africa's decision to submit the claim before the International Court of Justice.

The foreign ministries of Colombia and Brazil expressed their support in statements issued individually last year. Brazil's message was published after President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva received the Palestinian ambassador to Brasilia, Ibrahim Al-Zaben.