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Open the invitation to participate in the second science fair of the University of Extremadura

Open the invitation to participate in the second science fair of the University of Extremadura

with the science fairThe University of Extremadura supports the development of the experimental and quasi-experimental projects that it is implementing non-university youth Within the framework of cooperation between university and non-university education in promoting scientific culture.

This exhibition is an initiative of the UEx Scientific Culture Diffusion Service and the Badajoz Teacher and Resource Center of the Ministry of Education and Employment of Junta de Extremadura. It has cooperation and funding from the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology – Ministry of Science and Innovation, and with support from the Ministry of Economy and Science and the Digital Agenda of the Military Council of Extremadura.

The latest version of Science Fair has been developed virtually, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in an innovative 3D interactive app. This time, it will be held in person April 29, 2022 in a city BadajozWhile respecting the health procedures in force on that date.

Science fairs are an excellent resource for fostering curiosity and an understanding of how science works through investigation, observation, and experimentation. At the same time, they prefer teamwork and develop critical cross-sectional skills for students, such as the ability to analyze, synthesize, and verbally communicate.

Rules and registration

Projects submitted to the fair can address one of these two thematic axes:

2022: International Year of Basic Science for DevelopmentThe projects aim at basic science and its contribution to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and the European Green Deal, whose scope of work includes biodiversity, “farm to table”, sustainable agriculture, clean energy, and climate action, among others.

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Explore the world with engineering. Technological projects that answer questions or reproduce applied research carried out in various fields of engineering and the digital world.

The exhibition expects a Project competition With a prize pool of 1500 euros. The the rules and the Registration Formthat will be open Until November 26It is posted on the project website: https://feriacienciasuex.es/

Small teams of high school, baccalaureate and vocational training students can participate and present their project at the fair. The groups will be coordinated by secondary school teachers.