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"On the left we have wonderful 'antibodies' that protect us from cancer: Abelardo de la Espirella

“On the left we have wonderful ‘antibodies’ that protect us from cancer: Abelardo de la Espirella

After this May 29 election, which saw Colombians go to the polls to vote for Colombia’s next president between 2022 and 2026, Gustavo Pedro was the most voted candidate in the country. But he could not win in the first round, so he had to go to the second round with the astonishing candidate Rodolfo Hernandez.

This is because many people associated with Euripismo openly expressed their support for Rodolfo Hernández, the engineer and former mayor of Bucharamanga, in the absence of Fico Gutierrez in the second round. One of them is lawyer Abelardo de la Espriella. Moreover, he celebrated that Pedro did not win the first round, as they expected from the historic agreement.

“And, first of all, ‘change’? Believe it or not the whole of Colombia is stupid. We have some amazing ‘antibodies’ that protect us from left-wing cancer, “the lawyer wrote.

Following this comment, as expected, he expressed his direct support to the former mayor of Bukharamanga: “Engineer Rodolfo Hernandez, save the homeland,” de la Espirilla wrote on his official Twitter account. He also put the numbers #TodosConElViejo and “AVotarContraPetro.

In addition to the controversial lawyer, other departments of EUP spoke in support of the engineer for this second round. Prominent among them was Federico Gutiérrez, who, in his own statement after the presidential election defeat, confirmed that he and his vice-presidential formula would vote for Hernandez.

Senators Paloma Valencia and Maria Fernanda Kapal also used social media to protest after the May 29 election results, publicizing their support for Rodolfo Hernandez on June 19. First round, Gustavo Pedro.

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