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Okumari Biopark received recognition as a scientific center for another five years

Okumari Biopark received recognition as a scientific center for another five years

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation has once again recognized Okumari Biopark as a science center for five years. The above is due to the work being carried out daily to protect biodiversity, through education and programs that include allocation, conservation, research and management activities.

Science centers are ideal spaces for knowledge generation by the community. These are places that allow, through entertainment, the exchange of experiences without losing their scientific value. Therefore, the biopark fulfills requirements that enhance its quality and mission. This was stated by Nydia Patricia Copetti, Director in charge of the Capacity and Knowledge Directorate at the Ministry of Science and Technology.

“This recognition is intended to stimulate and enhance the mission of the Biopark as a science centre, and here what we are talking about is bringing science closer to society, and the Okumari Biopark really acts as an intermediary, specifically to bring science, technology and innovation to the community. A very simple way to take care of the flora and fauna in the Biopark .

For her part, Sandra Correia, Director of the Okumari Biopark, said: “It is good that institutions and the state can say, ‘You have done things well by communicating wildlife protection messages through different methodologies that seek to think about making changes in the generations that come to the park. Ukumarí Biosphere.” Ukumarí daily promotes actions to restore and protect the planet and its inhabitants. For this reason, 20 hectares of the Biopark's 44.7 hectares are dedicated to restoring and protecting the original ecosystem, becoming home to more than 150 species including birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles.

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It is home to the river otter, one of the emblematic species of the Okumari Biopark's Wetland Conservation Programme, which was established in 2016, in order to establish a movement of awareness and protection of wetlands, and to highlight their benefits. Life and its great environmental value.

In addition, Okumari Biopark holds daily educational talks with visitors, in order to increase their passion for defending animals and the environment. Likewise, Okumari also creates spaces with people living in the surrounding areas, positively impacting the community and the environment from a more social, environmental and holistic perspective.

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Okumari will continue to work for sustainability, committed to the Sustainable Development Goals, and responsible for the environment and animals.

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Publication date: 12/29/2023

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