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Obama’s strong message on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Obama’s strong message on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

(CNN) — Former President Barack Obama stated that progress in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will only be possible if the “complexity” of the situation is acknowledged.

“If there is any chance that we can work constructively to accomplish anything, it will be necessary to acknowledge the complexity and preserve what may seem on the surface to be contradictory ideas: that what Hamas did was terrible and inexcusable. And (…)” Obama said in an interview. Via Pod Save America podcast: “The occupation and what is happening to the Palestinians is unbearable.”

The former president’s statements come at a time when the Israeli army is focusing its attack on Hamas in Gaza City and the northern Gaza Strip.

Behind the scenes, US officials also believe there is a limited time for Israel to try to achieve its stated goal of eliminating Hamas in its current operation before the cries over human suffering and civilian casualties reach the point of no return.

Obama specifically criticized social media rhetoric and TikTok activity around the issue.

“If you want to solve the problem, you have to assume the whole truth, and then you have to admit that no one has clean hands, and that we are all complicit to some extent,” he said.

Millions of people have converted to Platforms Like TikTok and Instagram in the hope of understanding the brutal conflict in real time, but Obama said he would rather see people “out there talking to people.”

“Including people you don’t agree with. If you really want to change this… you have to know how to talk to someone on the other side, listen to them, understand what they’re talking about, and not dismiss them.” “Them,” Obama said.

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