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More flights to the Dominican Republic from this Cuban airport

More flights to the Dominican Republic from this Cuban airport

Starting this week in November, authorities at Ignacio Agramonte International Airport in Camaguey, in central-eastern Cuba, announced more flights from the aforementioned air terminal to the Dominican Republic, with an increase in flights operated by the Dominican company Sky. High.

According to the information disclosed in networks From the airport, “As of November 6, the airline SKYhigh practical, Every Monday morning to and from Santo Domingo.

Previously, according to official information, the Sky High plane flew every Thursday and Sunday, at night, to and from Santo Domingo, the capital of the Quisquia province. Now, with this increase, she will fly to Camaguey three times a week, on Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays in November.

For more details or to make any inquiries, we suggest you visit the airport facilities at the following address: Avenida Finlay Km 7 ½, Albaiza, Camagüey. Likewise, they are available to assist you through phone number +53 32 261010 or through our email: [email protected] for any questions or additional information you require, according to their promotions on the networks.

Flights from Camagüey in November

In November, American Airlines continues to offer a daily flight between Camagüey and Miami, as well as charter flights connecting the Cuban city to Miami International Airport. The latter runs twice on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday and three times on Friday.

Viva Aerobús, on the other hand, maintains its route between Camagüey and Cancun, Mexico, every Saturday of the month. In addition, Sunrise continues to fly between Camagüey and Port-au-Prince, Haiti, once a week on Wednesday afternoons. This service was reactivated in mid-October.

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No domestic flights to Havana were reported from the air terminal, which previously operated with Cuban Airlines. The Cuban airline stated that these flights are suspended until further notice. So far, the recovered Cuban Airlines aircraft are being tested in Russia on flights from Havana to Santiago de Cuba.