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Oakley launches the perfect glasses for playing Fortnite

Oakley launches the perfect glasses for playing Fortnite

Who knew what a better instrument to play fortnite he got it Oakley And while getting weapons to defend yourself is a bit more complicated in-game, outside of it the brand is responsible for taking care of your vision so you’ll keep playing longer.

It’s not even been a week since we talked about Oakley’s latest release, but right after its lenses were almost consigned to the past, the company jumped into the digital world, or rather beyond it, to introduce a new series of glasses. Specially designed for all those who love the famous game.

Photos: Oakley

Oakley is your new gaming partner in Fortnite

Video game developed by Epic Games It was released in 2017 and since then it has become a phenomenon due to its amazing gameplay, graphics, dances and events involving celebrities like Travis Scott, Deadmau 5, Ariana Grande and soon Eminem.

With so much fame accumulating, it was only fair and necessary for Oakley to create a collaboration with the video game and the best part of this partnership is that it brings not just one pair but two with A very useful item for players.

Photos: Oakley

On the one hand there Hydra Fortnitea pair made to be used in your daily life and can be worn on the street by including 24-karat gold prism lenses Oakley is combined with the blue color and design that your skin will undoubtedly use in Fortnite.

second husband, Hilux FortniteIt’s perfect for when you’re going to play because it’s included Prizm Gaming 2.0 lens technology Which helps you Reduce the brightness of OLED and Led displays While maintaining a Visual acuity is clear During those sessions that last for hours.

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oakley fortnite
Photos: Oakley

Either way, the headset features the Fortnite Battle Royale Victory Crown, giving it a distinctive and memorable touch.

The Fortnite and Oakley Collection will be available starting November 29th exclusively on web page From the brand and in limited quantities.