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10 secret features in iOS 17 that no one expected and that every iPhone needs

10 secret features in iOS 17 that no one expected and that every iPhone needs

We have put together an amazing collection of iOS 17 features that will help you a lot in your daily life.

All the iOS 17 features that no one noticed on the iPhone

Apple introduced iOS 17 during WWDC 2023 In a pre-filmed keynote event packed with exciting surprises like interactive widgets, the Diary app, FaceTime effects features, amazing design innovations for iPadOS 17, Apple TV video calling, a cool Apple Vision Pro ad, and much more. Oh my goodness, we even saw Craig Federighi in the version Rock star With guitar trio!

Whatever the case may be, and in keeping with what matters to us on this occasion, if we recently shared a selection of 10 great iOS 17 features worth trying on the iPhone, today we will do the same with Secret tricks and functions in iOS 17 Which no one expected to make it to the iPhone operating system and which ended up being very useful. Do we begin?

Secret features of iOS 17 for iPhone

Probably some of the biggest and most important features of iOS 17 lie in the new sleep mode, contact stickers, and interactive home screen widgets. These are perhaps the most visible elements of the redesigned architecture of the iPhone operating system…

but iOS 17 hides in its bowels a series of tricks and secret functions of the all-important iPhone Which we all need, some of which weren’t even mentioned during the iOS 17 presentation!

Undo the application move

iOS 17

Move apps in iOS 17

We start our list of iOS 17 tricks for iPhone with a feature that we didn’t know existed until recently. And we know practically everything about iOS 17! We are talking about a function that allows you to undo the transfer of applications. What does this mean? Basically, iOS 17 now allows this Undo moving the app icon order On the iPhone home screen.

  • Press and hold the application icon.
  • Then organize the apps as you like.
  • Shake your iPhone To undo the changes.

Remember that for the function to work properly, it must be enabled Settings > Accessibility > Touch On iPhone.

Read news from websites using Siri


Siri can read any article that Safari Reader supports

This is one of the coolest tricks in iOS 17. Thanks to the implementation of this new function, iPhone (and iPad) users will have the possibility to activate Siri to read news and other website contents to them. That you have to prepare food and don’t have time to read? Siri is your friend. That your eyes are too tired to read? Close your eyes and trust my walk. He is the best!

  • Opens Safari In iOS 17.
  • Then go to the website.
  • Access an article like this one about the iPhone 15 Pro Max.
  • Activate Siri and use the command: Read this for me.
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Automatic image cropping

iOS 17

Automatically crop photos on iPhone

Apple implemented one of the most useful secret features in history with iOS 17: Automatic cropping of photos in the Photos app. It’s one of those little details that takes an operating system to another level. All you have to do is “zoom in” with two fingers to crop any photo. Very profitable!

  • Opens the pictures On your iPhone.
  • Next insert any image.
  • “a pinch” Or spread two fingers over the image.
  • Press the shaped button Cutting icon In the upper right corner.

Dynamic wallpapers

iOS 17’s entry into the arena has brought new dynamic wallpapers to the iPhone. iOS 16 introduced an Earth (and Moon) wallpaper that includes an animation when the screen is unlocked. Well, with iOS 17 there is New animated backgrounds for more planets of the solar system and other kaleidoscopes. It is available in the Astronomy and Kaleidoscope categories.

Every time you turn on the iPhone lock screen and when you unlock it to enter the home screen, you will see this Short animation for each background. Although Kaleidscope’s dynamic backgrounds are too “trippy” for us, the planetary backgrounds provide a very rich visual experience.

  • Touch screen From your iPhone.
  • Press and hold your finger on the lock screen.
  • Unlock the screen using Face ID or your passcode.
  • push the button (+) the colour blue.
  • Select your favorite cartoon wallpaper.

but that is not all. There’s still more! Another secret feature of iOS 17 wallpapers is that they add a small gradient or automatically zoom the image if it does not have a 16:9 aspect ratio. That’s how cute!

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Recover your secret lock code

iOS 17

With this function, it won’t matter if you forget your new codes

Among those cool little features of iOS 17 that recently arrived on the iPhone that went completely unnoticed is this Settings option that will allow you Reuse previous lock codes. That is, you can recover your old password and continue using it if you recently changed your code. Apple offers a Limit 72 hours To continue using it since the new code was created. Try it and see!

  • Opens Settings In iOS 17.
  • joining to Face ID and code.
  • Enter your code.
  • Click on the option Change the code.
  • Change your code and try entering the original code.

Note interleaving

iOS 17

New Notes Links in iOS 17

Now, with iOS 17, this is possible Add links between different notes. Of course, Notes has already let you add links to websites for many years. But this new iOS 17 feature makes it possible to create a Internal link fabric Between all your notes is something really useful if you’re obsessed with to-do lists and notes like us.

  • Open the application grades From iOS 17.
  • Create a new note or open an existing note.
  • Select text To link to another note.
  • Click Add link In the drop down menu.
  • Type to see all your available notes.
  • Select the note you want to link to and press OK.

New button to locate Apple Watch

A new icon for the Apple Watch ringtone on the iPhone

In iOS 17 we have a new button on the iPhone to ring the Apple Watch

Control Center iOS 17 has the addition of a new button Play audio from your Apple Watch speaker To know its location more accurately.

  • Opens Settings On your iPhone.
  • Enter the section Control Center.
  • Add the button Ring for apple watch.

Access notification function

Access notice

Access notification will send automatic notifications to your contacts

The arrival notification function is one of the most interesting messaging functions in iOS 17 for the iPhone operating system and the fact is that it was widely introduced during the update presentation at the initial WWDC conference in 2023. But it happened unnoticed

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Access Notice, as its name indicates, It will send a notification to the contacts you choose so they know you’ve arrived home safely. Use your iPhone’s location services and also send alerts if you don’t respond from time to time or if your iPhone runs out of battery.

  • Open the application Messages On your iPhone.
  • Then access the chat conversation.
  • push the button (+) next to the text field.
  • Click “additional” To view more options.
  • Select the option Access notice In the drop down list.

Create collages from photos

iOS 17

Creating stickers is a very simple process in iOS 17

Did you know that with iOS 17 you can? Create your own labels in just a few clicks on the screen? Although there are many AI apps in the App Store to create stickers, with iOS 17, you just need to open one of your photos to create a sticker within seconds. It’s so easy and so much fun!

  • Opens the pictures In iOS 17.
  • Access to a photo.
  • Keep your finger pressed on an object or subject in the photo.
  • Finally press the button Add a sticker.

If you have questions about the creation process, visit this tutorial for adding stickers from photos in iOS 17.

Personal voice

We rounded out our pick of secret iOS 17 features with Personal Voice, an almost magical accessibility feature that will allow you to mimic your voice from your iPhone. It requires at least an iPhone 12 to work and is also available on Mac.

  • Opens Settings In iOS 17.
  • Then enter Accessibility.
  • Click on Personal voice.
  • push the button Create a personal voice.
  • Follow the instructions while recording your voice.

To get started using Personal Voice, once your voice recording session is complete, you can type what you want your iPhone with iOS 17 to say in your voice from Settings > Accessibility > Real-time audio.

That’s it there. We have left you with a wonderful collection of Secret features of iOS 17 for iPhone Which we hope will allow you to enjoy your Apple smartphone to the fullest. Are you left wanting more? Get excited about the new features of iOS 17 that Apple announced for the end of the year!