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Not applicable to Etecsa, hotels and dollar stores

Not applicable to Etecsa, hotels and dollar stores

The Central Bank of Cuba (BCC) reports that the 6% bonus has been extended to encourage electronic payments on the island. We tell you all the details.

This was the message shared on social networks: “6% discount is extended throughout the month of September for online payments from Transfermóvil, via Enzona QR code and for POS/TPV purchases”.

according to Information The bonus is offered to payroll, retirement and savings card-backed accounts in the national currency and, therefore, is not applicable to those denominated in freely convertible currency (MLC) or dollars.

Similarly, it has been specified that Tu Envío stores will only get a 1% discount, which is no doubt a laughable number.

Want to know who benefits from a 6% discount using Transfermóvil, Enzona and POS/TPV online payments? These are the commercial categories that will be discounted by 6% when using Inzona and points of sale:

  • Taxi,
  • wineries,
  • coppelia,
  • water,
  • service centers,
  • very easy,
  • restaurants and cafes,
  • marketing

As previously described, service providers who do not receive a discount for Transfermóvil are:

  • building Material Stores,
  • hotels and related services,
  • Accommodation,
  • Etecsa services (small points and trade offices)
  • Havana water services
  • snail Stores,
  • Ufa

Banking services in Cuba

According to the island’s banking authorities, access to banking services does not revolve around ATMs, but is a gradual process that seeks to create the conditions for benefiting from electronic payment.

“It should be permanent. Like everything here. They apply procedures at the end of the month to complicate everything. Apply the 5% permanently as well as promote corporate rebates and electronic payments. Thus, for periods, the user is not encouraged to do anything,” he criticized One of the Cubans in connection with the announced reward.

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Regarding the reasons for not applying it to some companies, Cuban banks explained that “telephone payments maintain the 10% rate, set by ETECSA, to encourage their customers to pay online. The electricity company also establishes a percentage”.