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Nicolás Pedro, angry at the historical convention; Related to sir

Nicolás Pedro Burgos, the eldest son of President Gustavo Pedro, did not hide his discomfort with some members of the historic agreement in Atlantico and assured all the citizens who elected them on his personal Twitter account that they are failing.

Through his personal Twitter account, the vice chancellor said that these members of the political movement led by the state president will form an alliance with the Sar family. In addition, he noted that the meetings will be held at the Universidad del Atlantico.

“I will keep my consistency. I will not support sir or sir candidates. It is unfortunate that a sector of the historical covenant should ally with them. This has already happened at Universidad del Atlantico. They betray change.” Accurate.

It is noteworthy that a video of President Pedro’s eldest son was also released a few days ago where he can be seen making some criticisms against the historic treaty bench. Pedro Burgos pointed out at the time that he had to do a “me culpa” because so many people left.

I don’t want to delve into this matter. But I want to say because it was born to me. I haven’t been at an event like this in a long time, and I deeply believe that we made a mistake in congressional elections, at least in the Atlantic sector.” Sentenced.

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